Complete Guide to Start a Food Delivery Business in Dubai

Being able to start your online food delivery company is easier if you have the necessary information and expertise. 

You probably already know how vast and projected to continue to grow the drinks and food sector in the UAE. Consequently, if you want to start a meal delivery service, you have arrived at the right site. 

Based on a poll by KPMG, when considering the UAE with the US, a larger percentage of consumers in the UAE prefer to buy food through an app. (UAE – 60%, US- 18%). 

A food delivery business in Dubai needs to have a smartphone application. The advancement of food delivery apps is essential to the food delivery industry. 

Get assistance from a custom software development firm in Dubai to develop the layout of your smartphone app if you want to establish a food delivery service there. We’ve outlined all the key considerations for starting a catering business here:

Having An Online Food Business in Dubai Has Its Advantages

The UAE has always been home to around 200 nationalists, the primary feature that stands out. As a result, it is not a huge problem that Dubai is a haven for food-loving people and has an impressive number of eateries (the food delivery app development design industry in the UAE is flourishing). 

Launching your online food company in Dubai makes sense because the food delivery industry is flourishing. 

Some Benefits of Starting a Food Service Business in Dubai Include:

  • According to estimates, about two-thirds of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) citizens like to order meals online.
  • One of the major industries, especially in Dubai, includes food delivery. So, it is no surprise that start-ups might find themselves here with the right assistance.
  • The meal delivery company meets your needs if you’re the type of person who seeks a low-investment business. Since you begin earning money, you can grow the firm with a little initial investment.
  • You will have to invest significantly in this firm’s advertising process. Create a flyer with the identity of your business, your logo, or the relevant information, and you may post it on delivery vans or at the restaurant’s entrance if they allow it.
  • There is no requirement for a kitchen arrangement, more staff, or more tools. You only need an office with administrative and delivery workers for your service. Running is entirely up to you, whether you choose to do it full- or part-time.
  • This company has fewer documentation requirements. You can accomplish your goal with a skilled crew and an easy-to-use program.

Launching your online food delivery app development company in Dubai will be simpler if you consult a professional. 

You may create your online food delivery services for a successful enterprise with the assistance of a firm that develops mobile applications for food delivery like Talabat

How Can a Dubai Food Delivery Business Be Started?

If you possess a lot of experience and knowledge in the industry, starting your delivery service for food in Dubai appears to be easy. 

To establish your enterprise, you must first register for a registration certificate and complete several other processes. Before beginning, you must be interested in learning just several things related to your enterprise. To simplify things, you may ask for assistance from a business expert or a meal delivery software development firm in Dubai.

Choosing the sort of business you want to create is the first step. Decide on a company name. Take note that a certain naming convention must be followed in the UAE. 

Any derogatory language should have refrained. Confirm if a name remains accessible for certification once you’ve decided.

To create a more advantageous economic structure, pick a free zone. These free zones provide licensing packages at comparatively modest prices for a quick business establishment. The following are some advantages of selecting a free zone:

  • The incorporation process will be simple and quick.
  • Tax breaks will be available.
  • No limits on currencies.

Once you’ve decided, the moment has come to apply for a business license. You must own a few essential papers, including:

  • They filled out an application form.
  • Two full-color, passport-sized images of the owners.
  • Copy of the owner’s passport.
  • If you do not have a visa for UAE citizenship, apply.

Applying for business registration is simple when you have the appropriate assistance. If you have a company license, you could even sponsor additional people.

Development Of an Application for Food Delivery

To attract more consumers, you need a meal delivery app. Orders that can only be placed over the phone or online are not a restriction. 

First and foremost, you need to be well-versed in UAE customer preferences. At this stage, make an effort to obtain professional assistance. One of Dubai’s marketplaces with the highest level of competition is the one for meal delivery.

One of the top delivery service applications in the UAE is called Talabat. 

The cost of developing a meal delivery service may change depending on the sophisticated design and execution you suggest. The straightforward steps below should be followed to create an app for food delivery.

  • User Application: Users may explore their favorite places in the place of their choice with the aid of the software layer. In addition to viewing the bargains and specials for the various meals, users may order food using various payment methods.
  • Service Program: An admin panel may control customers and eateries. This is crucial in creating a meal delivery app since service level management will be used for order acceptance, refusal, catalog changing, and updating pricing. Hire a food delivery app development company in Dubai to develop your app if you require a skilled platform setup.
  • Delivery Boy Registration: The only delivery people permitted entry are those enrolled with the company. The service guys’ job is to take up the food from the desired restaurant and bring it to the appropriate customers once the meal specifics have been confirmed.

How Can an Online Food Ordering App Make Money?

By 2024, it’s anticipated that the market for food delivery will produce 752 million American dollars in revenue.

  • You may make money for your company based on the specified location and the order size. This would be certainly relevant when there are no delivery crews for eateries.
  • Try to favor in-app daily deals for your app to increase revenue. To maintain a connection with the business, highlight their brands on the offer/deal page. Businesses and app developers both profit from this tactic.
  • You can add extra delivery fees to your lunch or supper food order during busy times. In Online Food App Development, the software owner may make money by enabling a third party to display advertisements on their app.
  • You must first apply for your business registration before you can start the steps of opening your caterers or food shipping service. If you’re establishing on the continent, you may do this directly with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), or you can be established in a few of the UAE’s free zones.

Anywhere around the globe, the food sector ranks among the most profitable sectors, and Dubai is no exception. Dealing with food products will be profitable, especially in a successful country like Dubai, where consumers discover and buy high-quality food products regardless of price.


A prior understanding of industry trends is required if you want to launch your own meal delivery company in Dubai. Nearly 31% of individuals used online meal delivery services in 2022. 

Developing a partnership with eateries is advantageous to the food delivery industry in many aspects and aids in revenue monetization. Additionally, you must design a mobile app for restaurants to grow your food delivery service and increase profits. Starting a food delivery service now, when the food software industry is developing, is 100% profitable when done correctly.