Counter-Strike Knives: In Real Life

Many gamers and fans of the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre have probably been initiated with the wonderful experience of playing Counter-Strike. Upon its initial release, many people across the globe enjoyed playing against their friends, co-workers, and relatives. 

Launched half a decade after ID software introduced the first generation of first-person shooters (Doom and Wolfenstein), Counter-Strike captured the attention of many individuals. Apart from shooting your opponents from a distance, the game lets you engage them in melee combat.

Use a Real-Life Counter-Strike Knife!

We all know the thrill of suddenly stabbing your virtual opponents to death. Whether AI or player-controlled, it’s quite hard to get close enough and earn that game combat kill. Not with the clunkiness of the first Counter-Strike games, you cannot do it immediately without extensive playing experience. 

Today, Counter-Strike games have evolved into smooth first-person shooters. Featuring advanced engines, high-resolution graphics, and new game mechanics. The melee combat of Counter-Strike is still a top-ranking example with the FPS genre. The thing that excites people the most is the realistic knife models used in the game.

Fortunately, for fans of combat knives and military equipment, the knives used in Counter-Strike are based on real-life models. If you want to purchase a knife similar to the models found in the Counter-Strike game, click here so you can find the actual combat blades the developers used. Not only do these blades represent the combat knives in Counter-Strike, but they are also used by many professionals serving with the military and law enforcement organizations.

When playing the Counter-Strike game, players can join two opposing sides for control of the map. You can either play with the Counter-Terrorist or the Terrorist faction. Many maps are also presented to players. The most memorable and chosen gaming maps are De Dust and Death Match. 

Many game objectives are given to the player groups to accomplish. You can join a squad and try to diffuse a planted explosive, rescue hostages, or just simply eliminate all opposing members of the enemy team. Counter-Strike seems like the digital version of live airsoft and paintball matches where two teams battle each other for hours.

The Knives of Counter-Strike

Navigating a maze-like map and shooting your opponents with any weapon you can buy are the basics of the Counter-Strike game. However, there is nothing more exciting than waiting in a corner and getting the jump on an opponent. It is best done when you’re out of in-game ammo and have your knife as a last resort.

Fortunately for us, the developers of the game wanted a more realistic feel. It is why many of the knives found in the game are based on real knives used by government personnel. In Counter-Strike: Global offensive several knives expanded from the first versions of the game’s default knife.

Let us now discuss some famous examples of the knife models found in the game. 


During the gunpowder age, troopers in the field are given a ration of gunpowder and ammunition which immediately run out. It is why the bayonet is produced. Famous and still being used up to this day, the bayonet is a unique knife. The handguard of a bayonet has a hole on one side which you can use to attach it to the business end of your rifle. You can then charge your enemy in a stabbing attack.

Classic Knife

The classic knife of the Counter-Strike: Global offensive game is only a cosmetic upgrade. It functions as the default knife. The cool thing about both knives is that they are derived from the original knives used by Navy SEALS. It is the Special Operations Group SEAL 2000 knife. 


If you’re looking for a more exotic knife for field use, then the Karambit is the best knife for your needs. Lightweight, curved like a talon, and stealthy, the Karambit knife is used in the martial arts known as Penkat Silat. The knife also gained fame from the movies Raid: Redemption and the latest John Wick films.


The Counter-Strike game offered players the capability to kill their opponents with melee combat. Using a default knife, players can induce deadly blows and gain money rewards and points. For fans of combat knives, the knives found in the game are based on real-life models.