Crazy Time Live Casino: The Beginner’s Guide

Crazy Time is a very popular online game, which is the number one since its release in 2020 by Evolution Gaming. The modern game, powered by advanced technologies, offers a lot of fun to everyone who likes to play. The most interesting element of Crazy Time is that it allows everyone to build its strategies or play how it comes, just be lucky. 

If you choose to play Crazy Time, you will discover a big world of gaming possibilities: spinning wheel, multipliers, bonus rounds, segments with randomly generated numbers. 

In this article, discover more about the Crazy Time game, see the basic rules, and what are the possibilities to play it to win big!

Getting Started with Crazy Time Live

If it’s the very first time you play on online gaming platforms, the most important thing is to create your gaming account. From there, you can do everything you want. Usually, everything is very simple:

  • Go on the platforms, where you can play Crazy Time,
  • Click on the signup button,
  • Fill the needed information (email address, password, name),
  • Put the banking information, which will allow you to deposit money or to withdraw it,
  • Confirm the creation of your account and enjoy the games.

When it’s your first open Crazy time live casino, you will face a colorful spinning wheel, which has a lot of segments and a live dealer. The wheel has 54 sections, each of them has a special multiplier 1,2, 5 or 10. There are also bonus segments, which can make you win more, if you win the chance to explore Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt or the Crazy Time bonus. 

The round’s mechanics is very simple: the live dealer presents the game and the spinning wheel, then each player makes bets, and the host spins the wheel. 

Every player has to bet on a segment he thinks will win (note you can put your bets on a few segments of the wheel), and indicate the amount of these bets.

The results are known when the wheel stops and the winning segments are known. If the wheel stops on a bet multiplier, the bets can be multiplied then. If the wheel stops on a bonus segment, the player who won this bet starts a bonus round.

Gameplay and Strategies

Crazy Time is a game of chance, so here just a part of the game depends on the strategy, and another part depends on luck. There are a lot of strategies you can use to develop your gaming experience and become a more experienced player. 

Here are three strategies you can apply when playing Crazy Time:

  • Low volatility strategy: the goal is to limit the losses and play as long as you can. Using this strategy, you can bet on 4 bonus segments, as well as on 2, 5 or 10 multipliers. The better you balance between the different segments, the better it is.
  • Medium volatility strategy: If you try this strategy, you will increase your risk area, but very little. Bet on mini games and the multiplier 2, which is more present in the spinning wheel. 
  • High volatility strategy: As you understand, this strategy consists in taking a high risk. This strategy is the most suitable for those who know how to play and want to try new things. 

Of course, the experience will come more as you play. As a new player, you can start by knowing the basic rules. It will help you to play, know how to bet, and not just trust your luck. 

Don’t forget to set your playing limits in the beginning, it will help you to avoid the situations when you lose and don’t take pleasure from a gaming process. 

Making the Most of the Live Casino Experience

Crazy Time game is a unique game which is an interactive and highly entertaining game. It allows you to interact with a live dealer, and use the chat functions between the rounds. The most important part of the game are its four bonuses enhancing the game experience of every player. 

If you choose to play Crazy Time, be ready to have fun and only after that to build winning strategies. This game was designed by Evolution Gaming in order to make people happier and make them forget for a while about their maybe difficult lives. 

Crazy Time also has a lot of special promotions which give the extra opportunities to experience a great Crazy Time environment with real time bonuses and winnings. 


Crazy Time Game is a very powerful game, which allows players to play it independently of their gaming experience. The multitude of possibilities to bet on multipliers, on bonus segments or just on simple segments is the most precious part in this game. Besides the strategies, the game is very colorful, has great music and does everything to create a joyful atmosphere for everyone! Discover, practice, win – that’s how we can describe Crazy Time!