CS:GO – FiReLEAGUE Battle 2023

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a prominent multiplayer first-person shooter game that launched in 2012. Over the years, it has created several leagues such as the ESL Pro League, Blast Premier, and FiReLeague among others.

This year alone, the Latin CS: GO League – FiReLeague has held two competitions with another in October. FireLeague Argentina was the first 2023 FireLeague CS: GO competition. It was held from June 12th till July 2nd, 2023; with BESTIA emerging as its winner.

The second FiReLeague competition in 2023 was the July-8-to-9 FiReLeague Battle, which is the main focus of this article. Now, let’s recap the 2023 FireLeague Battle.

FiReLeague Battle 2023: Details and Highlights

FiReLeague Battle 2023 was a single-elimination tournament that was played at the Movistar Arena, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Two teams participated in the tournament to win a prize pool of $150,000. The teams in question were “Virtus.pro” and the “9z Team”. Let’s get to know each team and its members.

9z Team

The Argentine team, 9z Team, is a record-holding eSports Organization as it won the 2021 and 2022 FiReLeague Battle among other feats. In FiReLeague Battle 2023, it comprised 5 members. Each team member was represented by their in-game username and they are:

  • try
  • dav1deuS
  • dgt
  • buda
  • max


The Russian eGaming team ranks among the best in CS:GO top leagues. Its super team also extends its fame to Dota 2, another multiplayer battle video game. Virtus.pro, in the 2023 FiReLeague Battle, utilized five of its skilled members. Here are their in-game usernames:

  • fame
  • FL1T
  • Jame
  • mir
  • Qikert

Seeing how skilled these teams were, we bet you are dying to know how the game went. Here are the highlights of the game.

  • The game began with the selection of maps. Here, three locations were chosen – Mirage, Ancient and Inferno.
  • Following map selection, the shootout commenced at Ancient. In this location, two rounds were played. 
  • Virtus.pro led the game in the two rounds at Ancient; the first round with 9:6 and the second round with 7:1. Virtus.pro’s FL1T was on a killing spree, leading to his emergence as the player with the most kills and damage at Ancient.
  • The Inferno virtual location hosted the two teams in battle as well. Here, 9z was at a loss as it was defeated in two rounds by the Russian eGaming team. The total points at Inferno was 16:7, with Virtus.pro in the lead.
  • At Inferno, FL1T remained the most active in the Virtus.pro team, despite the effort put in by the 9z Team. 
  • The final battle took place at Mirage, another virtual location.
  • At Mirage, Virtus.pro finalizes the game with a 2:0 win, emerging first place.
  • The 2023 FiReLeague Battle ended with the Russian team winning $100,000 as winners and the 9z team taking home $50,000 for effort.

What Next?

The end of FiReLeague Battle 2023 is definitely not the end of the 2023 FiReLeague fun. Get excited as the FiReLeague Global Finals holds at Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain from the 25th to the 29th of October.

Though the Global Finals is likely to utilize a unique gameplay format, the exact format has not been announced. However, it has been officially announced that 8 teams are participating. These teams are namely:

  • 9z Team
  • Fnatic
  • Imperial Esports
  • Movistar Riders
  • paiN Gaming
  • SAW
  • Virtus.pro
  • and BESTIA.

All these teams are world-class eGaming organisations. So, watch out for the CSGO odds during the game season as the competition is going to be intense. 

Despite the prize pool being $150,000, every team still goes home with a prize and here is how the prize money will be split.

1st Place$100,000
2nd Place$30,000
3th and 4th Place$7,000
5th – 8th Place$1,500


In a nutshell, the FiReLeague Battle 2023 showcased an intense battle between two world-class eGaming teams – Virtus.pro and 9z Team. Though the 9z team was wickedly obliterated by the opposing team, they cannot be undermined. This October, brace yourself for an Ultimate Showdown of eGaming Titans in the FiReLeague Global Finals.