The new Season 17 in Destiny 2 starts on May 24 and makes the community ponder. Bungie initially didn’t release any information about the story, leaving players clueless. But there are a few things you already knew without a trailer. MeinMMO summarizes everything you need to know about Season 17.

Curiosity about Season 17 is growing and Bungie is indeed making it even more exciting. The developer kept tight until 3 a.m. last night and did not release a trailer for Season 17 in advance.

Season 17 starts with the end of downtime on May 24 at 7 p.m. if everything goes smoothly.

Why is the trailer so missed? Some players like that Bungie wants to keep the excitement for the new season 17 as long as possible. However, there are also players who buy each season in Destiny 2 individually. They won’t make a decision until they’ve seen the trailer and Bungie’s official season info.

The Destiny 2 player LegionlessTV has put together a list for all Guardians that already tell you 10 things about Season 17 that you don’t need a trailer for.

  1. Start of another subclass 3.0

The first Season 16 in Witch Queen introduced Void 3.0. And in Year 5, Bungie will continue to focus on the legacy light subclasses, their revamps, and new possibilities.

That means Guardians can look forward to either Arkus or Solar 3.0 in Season 17. The community is eagerly discussing which it will be in the end. But so far, one can only speculate.

  • This speaks for Solar 3.0: If Bungie continues the story about the warm spirit “Rasputin” in Season 17, this could be closely linked to Solar. In Season 13, Guardians already littered the Destiny universe with the so-called “War Spirit Cells” to cause entire rooms to explode. If the Warmind is resurrected, the Solar 3.0 rework could be an excellent addition to that as well.
  • That speaks for Arkus 3.0: In Season 16, the Guardians use the “Synaptic Spear” in the Psi-Ops, where it is assumed that Bungie may have already given a small preview of Arkus 3.0. Anyway, Kevin Yanes, Bungie’s Sandbox Discipline Lead, tweeted, “Speed ​​is part of the arc kit, so we gave the synaptic spear two blinks […], a super slide, and insane jumps/movement speed.”
  1. A new dungeon with lots of loot

The new Destiny 2 dungeon from Season 17 starts on May 27.

Dungeons have always been little treats in Destiny 2. They are challenging, often have a good story, and can be discovered solo or in teams of up to 3 players. Players have wanted more of this content for a long time, as the 4 old dungeons each took a year to come into play.

So Bungie has revised the concept of offerings for dungeons. The sale of dungeons as an inclusive offer was removed in October 2021, and the developer is now releasing a brand new dungeon every 6 months.

  • The new dungeon in Season 17 will offer more loot than any before.
    • The dungeon will have an exotic weapon and catalyst ready.
    • Additionally, one legendary armor set per class that grants improved Elaborate Armor on Grandmaster difficulty.
    • There are also 4 legendary new weapons and 2 reprised weapons waiting for you.
    • An exotic accessory and 2 legendary badges can also be earned.
  • Players will be able to explore the dungeon for the first time on Friday, May 27, at 11:00 a.m.
  • The average difficulty level is 1550. However, Grandmaster is also active on day 1.

Who can play the new dungeon? Players who purchased The Witch Queen Digital Deluxe Edition, including Year 5 Season Passes, can continue to play the 2 new Year 5 Dungeons inclusive. Everyone else can either upgrade to this pack or purchase the Dungeons for Silver, Bungie’s real-money currency.

  1. The weapon crafting system will be simplified.

The old weapon crafting system was too complex – it will now be simplified.

Bungie is still working on weapon crafting, so there will be a change for it in Season 17. Material caps for weapon crafting items were just too restrictive. In March, the developer announced that starting with Season 17, all legendary elements will be removed from the game.

This includes:

  • Ruinous Element
  • Powerful Element
  • Turned Element
  • mutable element
  • Sunken Element

As of Season 17, weapon crafting focuses solely on the Neutral Element and Ascendancy Exotic Alloy. We don’t know whether you’ll get a replacement for the elements you’ve collected so far or whether they’ll disappear.

Now you can sculpt your weapons in Destiny 2, and weapon crafting is even easier than you think.

A golden frame for a masterpiece: Some players missed that their self-crafted weapons didn’t have a golden frame. In Season 17, Bungie changes that and, from then on, also allows the golden masterpiece status for your crafted weapons. In this way, built weapons also receive the worthy golden frame when you have turned them into masterpieces.

  1. Season Pass Weapon and Playlist Weapons from Season 17

As always, Season 17 will have a season weapon as an exotic. Officially unknown, a leak already spoke of the D1 pistol “unauthorized” as a strange weapon in the season pass. We won’t know precisely whether this will happen until tomorrow, at the start of Season 17.

However, with the legendary weapons from the playlist and the ritual gun, you already know exactly what to expect in Season 17.

This is the Ritual Weapon of Season 17: Season 17 will also bring a new Ritual Weapon to the playlists. Instead of the shotgun, the Guardians can then loot the “Chain of Command” machine gun. Once again, one ornament will be available per playlist – it changes, except for the weapon, so nothing.

The Legendary Ritual Weapon in Season 17: “Chain of Command”

For the playlists, there will also be a few changes to the legendary weapon drops:

  • For the Crucible comes to the Riptide Fusion Rifle
  • Gambit Gets a Deadweight Shotgun
  • The Vanguard issues a bow called Shrill Whistles.
  • The Dawns will recycle the Des Horrors MINIMUM Pulse Rifle and the TVO Hand Cannon.