Destiny 2: Xur Today – Location on December 25th

In Destiny 2, you can meet fictional Xur for the last time in 2020 today, on December 25th.Destiny 2: If the players are right, she will hunt a witch in Chicago in 2021

All info about Xur on December 25, 2020 – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Google Stadia

Then Xur appears: For the last time in 2020, Xur punches Sparrow and dashes across the universe to ring the bells. Nobody knows in advance on which planet will ascend through the chimney.

But watch out, the bell is ringing at 6 pm. On December 25, he will appear on a planet of his choosing and hand out strange packages – if you pay him well for it.

What does Xur offer?

Oh, Karima Xur, how do you make us rangers happy at the end of 2020? Do we cheer because the weird rollers are so impressive singing an ode to the weapon still missing in our collection?

We’ve put Xur’s milk and biscuits on the table, and when we see him shake up the chimney we’ll let you know about his stock. There is a strange weapon and piece of armor on each of the Guardians for all Guardians.

Where does Xur stand? That is his location this weekend

Xur spends vacations on the tower. In the barn you can unpack your strange packages.

Where does Xur stand? That is his location this weekend

What Is Xur Selling This Week

Weapon:  DARCI – sniper rifle for 29 legendary fragments

Titan:  Ashen Wake – Gauntlet for 23 Legendary Fragments

Hunter:  The Sixth Coyote – Breastplate for 23 Legendary Fragments

Warlock :  Karnstein Armlets – Helmet for 23 Legendary Fragments