Division 2 Update 1.28 Adds Title Update 11.1: Patch Notes details

Ubisoft released a major update 11.1 for The Division 2. Today’s Division 2 patch brings us a major 11.1 update, new content, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Developer comment: With the TU11.1 changes to The Summit, we are addressing topics brought up by the community including difficulty, directives and targeted loot. We want to fulfill the player fantasy of climbing from floor 1 to 100 with customized challenge and rewards.

The Division 2 update 1.28 can now be downloaded and installed. You have to download 3.8GB on PS4.

What is New in The Division 2 Patch Notes 1.28

Difficulty & Directives
When interacting with the lobby elevator, players will be able to select their desired difficulty and directives

  • All Difficulties are selectable: Normal – Legendary
  • For Directives, players are able to select from all 9 released Directives
    • Developer comment: We advise limiting yourself to 5 active Directives; use more at your own risk
    • NOTE: Missions and Global Difficulty still have the 5 seasonal directives

The New Summit Experience
Players can now ascend their customized Summit at their own pace.

  • With TU11.1, all players will initially start at floor 1 of The Summit
  • Progress is now saved more frequently at each elevator players encounter
    • Instead of the old Rally Points, now Players will resume where they left on subsequent playthroughs.
    • This means that you can stop at floor 38. Then the next day continue from the elevator at floor 37.
  • After players finish floor 100, on their next Summit attempt they will restart at floor 1
  • NOTE: for coop we save the maximum of your previous checkpoint and your current session
    • Example: player previously had a save at floor 60, they matchmake and finish floor 95 with a group, on their next playthrough the player would continue at the elevator on floor 93.
    • Example: player previously had a save at floor 81, they matchmake and finish floor 34 with a group, on their next playthrough the player would continue at the elevator on floor 81.

Targeted Loot
At any point while in The Summit, players can open the Mega-Map and set their personal Targeted Loot

  • For their allocation players can select from weapon types, gear slots, mods, brands, gear sets.
  • The Targeted Loot selection within Summit is personal (which means each player in a group of 4 could have a different allocation chosen)

Threat Scaling
The higher players climb in The Summit, the more likely they are to encounter tougher enemies.

  • The chance for enemies to spawn as veteran or elite gradually increases per floor.
  • Lieutenant Squads occur more frequently as you ascend The Summit.
  • The Boss floors (10, 20, 30,…,90) feature multiple named hostiles on higher floors.

Division 2 Update 1.28 Additional Gameplay Improvements

  • Added a weekly project for finishing Summit (which along with other rewards grants an Exotic Cache)
  • Added more objective types
  • Quicker laptop interact animation
  • Adjusted spawning of enemies during Hack Terminals objectives
  • Holding SHD Crates is more beneficial
  • Added new UI notifications about Exotic Fireteams, Bosses, etc.


  • Directives now increase the chance for Targeted Loot to drop
    • Since introduced in TU6, Targeted Loot has been influenced by a number of factors (including difficulty).
    • Now with TU11.1, each active Directive adds a small amount to the total drop chance for Targeted Loot.
    • This applies everywhere Directives are present (missions, open world, summit).
    • NOTE: Directives still increase XP as well.
  • Increased cooldown reduction per Skill Part collected with Scavenged Skills Directive.
  • Fixed issue causing Fragile Armor’s broken stacks to behave strangely after dying and being revived.

Targeted Loot

  • Added individual Targeted Loot Allocations for each Gear Set
    • This applies both to the normal rotation and to Summit’s Personal Targeted Loot
    • Ex: Lincoln can have True Patriot


  • Ridgeway’s Pride exotic
    • For first part of exotic quest, parts now drop based on Summit floor numbers and increased drop chance of parts
    • For third part of exotic quest, lowered number of Rogue Agents and Hunters that need to be killed to 2
    • Increased radiuses of Bleeding Edge talent to 15m
    • Increased repair strength of Bleeding Edge talent to 1: 3%, 2: 6%, 3: 12%, 4: 24%, 5: 48% (per bleeding enemy within radius)


  • These PvP balance changes affect both the DZ and Conflict:
    • Decreased overall time to kill by 10%
    • Decreased shotgun damage by 12.5%
    • Increased damage to shields by 25%
  • Fixed issue in Conflict which caused the Firewall specialization’s flamethrower to deal an excessive amount of damage.

Division 2 Update 1.28 Bug Fixes

The Summit

  • Fixed loot crates not resetting if encountered twice in a session.
  • Restored the ability to select Matchmake without reloading
  • Mega-Map now has correct tabs (Projects/Manhunt/SHD)
  • Improved loot from final 100th Floor enemy
  • Swapped doors to be windowless in various spots
  • Legendary Black Tusk have been taught how to hold guns properly
  • Improvements to an issue that could cause the 100th floor to not complete after killing all enemies
  • Fixed an issue where agents could fall through the map and become stuck between the elevators
  • Fixed an issue causing legendary Black Tusk to sometimes appear on difficulties they should not be in
  • Fixed occurrences of enemies not leaving their spawn closets.
  • Fixed the objective requirements for Toxic Gas remaining on screen after a group member interacts with the laptop
  • Fixed a loot room that could not be interacted with
  • Fixes occurrences of enemies incorrectly spawning in parts of the floor that have already been cleared
  • Fixed the lobby voice over triggering when returning to the lobby
  • Fixed “Neutralize the Lieutenant” objective sometimes choosing a non-named NPC as the Lieutenant
  • Fixed an issue where a controller button had double functionality on the mega map
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in the spectate mode screen after switching camera from another player
  • Various UI & Map fixes


  • Fixed enemies sometimes being unreachable in the Grand Washington Hotel
  • Fixed an issue causing the SHD level notification UI to not work
  • Fixed an issue in the Operation Iron Horse raid where RPGs could stop dropping if disconnected or fast travels out of the raid when having one equipped
  • Fixed an issue which occurred when the player dropped down from an object in combat causing the agent to be pushed forward then back
  • Fixed an issue causing group members to have no ammo when the group leader activated the Pistolero directive in the Dark Zone
  • Fixed Global Event modifiers not working as intended on Legendary difficulty.

Source: Ubisoft

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