Do You Need a College Degree to Become a Game Developer?

A college degree is an added advantage to your CV of becoming a game developer but it is not the only qualifier. You can also get into the game development industry with a good portfolio. The degree only shows how committed and interested to learn more about game designing.

Focusing on building your portfolio and a game development degree with the same level of dedication is great. But putting more effort into your portfolio, creating relevant connections, and having some work experience is an added advantage.

Requirements needed to become a game developer 

All your work will revolve around creating games and its concepts, characters in the play, the setting, the flow of the story, and gameplay. In the industry, you will have to combine your efforts with programmers and artists to develop a great game.

You need to have some educational background to have knowledge of what you are getting into. A college degree in game development is a good start to help you improve on your skillset.

But having the best abilities in the industry needs you to build your portfolio. It magnifies your skills et by showing evidence of places and instance you got involved in developing games. It is unlike putting your competence level on paper but it involves you showing what you are made of.

Importance of having a college degree

A game development degree combines your education and portfolio in one document that some employers prefer you have. This increases your chances of employment and earning more than one who does not have a degree.

You will need to get a degree in computer science to help you understand the programming of the game. You can get specific and study a bachelor’s program in video game programming. Study hard and refer to Essay On Time from Australia if you have troubles with your academic assignments, use other study tools and apps. It is sure to give you success at every step of your academic journey.

It gives you a sense of identity and makes you have good job satisfaction. You will see your work as a career and try very much to increase your abilities to have an added advantage over others. Besides, it is very easy for you to get your first job and earn more on average.

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Other ways of becoming a game developer

Apart from having a game development degree, there are many other ways you can have an easy way to be a game developer. They are very important for you, especially if you did not get to college.

Trying to launch a game you tried to create while growing up is a great start to build your portfolio. You will have to have good game graphics and concepts, test your game, and never forget to have a mobile game concept like the good game developer you are. You can also try to modify the modes of existing games to enhance user experiences.

Starting a game studio is also an added advantage that will allow you to grow your skills. You will have the best space and ample time for learning and understanding writing game codes.

The benefits of demonstrating your skills

Focusing on developing one game you have always dreamt of is better in ensuring you make the best out of it. Using knowledge from your game development degree, you get to concentrate, think with more creativity, and finish building it faster. It improves not only your skills but the ability as a game developer to create solutions.

It helps you boost your portfolio and increases your chances of not only getting employed but becoming your boss. Recreate your childhood hobby into your career or start developing games in your free time in college. These small and simple steps you put effort into the matter in the end.

Partnering with some other game developers will also help in showcasing your skillset. It also proves how well you can work in teams and build each other as you try to come up with solutions.


Video games are great and as you grew up playing them, your passion for learning to become a developer grew. But if you got bothered that you must get to college and get that college degree, worry no more because you only need it when you want to have it. Having a portfolio can substitute for that game development degree or acquiring both will be of greater advantage to you in the competitive job market.