Download Minecraft 1.21.0, 1.21.10 and 1.21 apk free: MCPE 1.21

Download Minecraft PE 1.21.0, 1.21.10 and 1.21 for free: get more opportunities to grow plants, build houses from unusual wood, and explore beautiful territories!

Main Features of the Minecraft PE 1.21.0, 1.21.10 and 1.21

In this update, Mojang developers have improved existing features and added unique content. Many opportunities are open to Minecraft 1.21.0, 1.21.10 and 1.21 players, including crafting from new types of wood, growing ancient plants and much more.


Cherry Groves are different from the usual Minecraft PE 1.21.0, 1.21.10 and 1.21 forests. Players can admire the trees with a new texture for MCPE or collect cherry petals here to use them for crafting dyes. The trees, in turn, will become the material for various buildings, crafting necessary items and decor.

There are other unusual trees that can be useful to players. Palm trees grow on beaches and will be an excellent resource for obtaining a new version of wood.


For those who want to look for new seeds and plant plants, there is a Sniffer in the virtual world. The mob have been added to the game since MCPE 1.20.0. A unique creature has the ability to find the right objects by smell, digging the ground.

Users do not need to tame the mob: they only need to follow it to find a place to search for seeds.

In other biomes, Minecraft 1.21.0, 1.21.10 and 1.21 players can also see new animals. For example, bears live in the forest, which do not attack MCPE players, but are dangerous in case of provocation.

Unique plants

Exploring the world of Minecraft PE 1.21.0, players can find various rare plants that will be useful to them for survival and crafting.

For example, the pitcher pod is an ancient seed that can be found using a Sniffer. The mob is able to dig out the pitcher pod in the mud, in the grass and some other blocks. By raising pitcher corp on farmland, the player gets an additional source of food for chickens.

Torchflower is also a new plant that is easy to plant and grow. It can also become a component of a suspicious stew.

Armor decoration

If a Minecraft 1.21.0, 1.21.10 and 1.21 player wants to change the appearance of his character by adding details, it is worth using templates for decorating armor. These items are hidden in different biomes of the virtual world.

For example, Trail Ruins will be an interesting structure for those who love archaeology and the search for antiquities. It is there that players should look for different options for the templates.

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