Exploring Video Games with the Most Realistic Poker Gameplay

While Baccarat has made it to the James Bond movies, poker has found its way to different video games that are just as well known. Poker might be the most popular card game available today which explains why there is so much attention to the game in mainstream media. 

There are different video games that include personages that enjoy a game of poker which brings us to our list of three video games that feature poker. Whilst video games (depending on the theme) can also be played by kids, online poker is only allowed for overage players with a minimum age depending on your country or region. 

3 Video Games Featuring Online Poker

Games that include references to the poker game are fairly easy to find, but the trick obviously is to be familiar with both video games and poker itself. For those who are less fans of video games but don’t mind a game of poker, we suggest checking out this list of games which are all free to play online. These include all sorts of casino games which can help you learn more about the most popular games available on the internet. 

Let’s move on to the first of the 3 video games that feature online poker. 

1. Far Cry 3

This is a shooting game, but there is a poker scene to be found in this popular production as well. In Far Cry 3 you’ll need to join the shooter to take control over the Valsa Docks outpost. Once you have managed to do so you can relax while playing a game of poker which in this case means access to poker variants such as No-Limit Hold’em. The mini-games, which present the poker games, are actually quite important so paying some attention here will also help you to book progress in the rest of the game. 

Get ready for different secret rooms and opponents that aren’t easy to beat. As the poker game is played automatically you won’t have to be familiar with the rules yourself to be able to play it. Just take place and let the main character take care of the rest. 

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 gives us the perfect mix of video gaming and poker. Some would dare to say we’re talking about one of the best video games available on PC which in this case means you’re about to enter a world with a wild west theme. In the game, Arthur Morgan is the one who will take you on an adventure which means you’ll take part in heists and even in shootings. 

In Red Dead Redemption 2 you’ll need to get ready for Texas Hold’em, which is played to earn some extra money that comes in handy for your journey. The cool thing about this is that you’ll play at all sorts of venues and the betting limits change from location to location. 

If you’re a high roller you’ll be glad to find out that there is an option to compete at a cost of $250. 

3. Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

The last game on the list, but arguably the best known of them all. Everybody will have heard of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and it’s easy to understand why as this game was first released in 1997 with different sequels launched, taking the player to a world where you’ll need to participate in heists, commit all sorts of criminal offences, and stay away from the police. In GTA, as the game is often referred to, you can visit a land-based casino, called the Diamond Resort and Casino. 

This is the place where you can enjoy all sorts of entertainment including different casino games such as poker. The poker variant available at the Diamond Resort and Casino is Three Card Poker. While you prepare yourself for this poker variant, there are two different locations in the casino where the poker action takes place so it’s up to you to decide which table suits you better. Either way, you can choose between both low and high stake games. For the high rollers there is a private table available to which access can be bought. The winnings made from poker can be used to buy goods that you need while you’re on the run for the police. Or if you want to buy an exclusive car you can do so as well. 

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