F1 2020 New Update 1.04 Patch Notes (July 9, 2020)

The next patch was released shortly before the release of F1 2020. We have all the information about the F1 2020 fourth update.

The F1 2020 Update 1.04 can now be downloaded and installed. The update is 81 MB on the PS4. The size of the download may vary depending on the platform.

F1 2020 Patch Notes 1.04

Codemasters did not release any details about the fourth update either. As soon as we have news, this article will be updated. The following bugs are known and should be corrected with the update:

  • Black Screen on PC – For a blackout screen on PC, please Change your anti-aliasing method to something else than ‘DLSS’ or ‘Custom’ (if DLSS is not an option). This should fix the issue.
  • DLC Schumacher Content – Currently under investigation.
  • Podium Pass and Pitcoin – We currently are having some technical issues with Online Services which has compromised the Podium Pass for now. It will be back online and all previously promised points will be issued back.

This is the fourth update before release the standard edition (The Schumacher Edition is already available). So far, there are no details about Update 1.01 and Update 1.02.