With the arrival of Fall Guys on the Epic Games Store, several changes will occur, including its disappearance from Steam.

A little over a year after Epic Games acquired Mediatonic, we learned during an exceptional event organized by the developers that Fall Guys would land on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store in free-to-play. However, the arrival of the battle royale on a new platform on PC has a necessary consequence: it will no longer be possible to discover Fall Guys via Steam.

Indeed, like Rocket League, when it appeared on the Epic Games Store, the Steam page will no longer allow you to download Fall Guys. Thus, all new players will be required to go through the Epic Games platform, which is not such good news. Nevertheless, Fall Guys will be available in free-to-play, which will allow some to override the flaws of Fortnite’s dad launcher.

New players will no longer be able to download Fall Guys via Steam,” reads the official website.

Do not panic; however, if you already own Fall Guys on Steam, you will continue to receive the various updates, of course… Also, since cross-play is enabled, there are no changes expected for you, except you will most likely have more people to start a game with.

See you from June 21 for the free-to-play transition of Fall Guys but also its release on the Epic Games Store, Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.