Fallout 4 Best Armor

Fallout 4 is a role-playing action game. When action is involved, you need to have the best build to survive and kill. Today we will talk about Fallout 4 Best Armors. Everybody wants their player to look good and be lethal in terms of action.

Hence our list will be based on the aesthetics and effectiveness of the build. Following is the list of Fallout 4 Best Armor.

Marine Assault Armor:

Marine Assault armor is the best armor you can get your hands on in Fallout 4. The gear of the Marine Assault Armor gives it a cool and fit image, but not only it looks nice, but it is the best in terms of its resistance. You can upgrade Marine Assault Armor further, which will give you more Physical and Energy damage resistance. The base version of the Marine Assault Armor in Fallout 4 can give you Physical Damage resistance up to 159 and Energy damage resistance up to 158.

Unfortunately, the Marine Assault Armor is very rare, and most of the players don’t exactly know where or how to get it. You can find Marine Assault Armor from Far Harbor DLC. When you have received the memories in the main questline, you will be given a memory about a secret hidden shipment. Then you will be given a miscellaneous quest. Go and select Marine Assault Armor from the miscellaneous log. The first shipment will be underwater, inside a sunk ship. The next crate will be in Rayburn inside a ship. Finally, the rest of the armor will be found near Grand Hotel, a far swim into the water.

Synth Armor:

Synth Armor is also one of the best armor in Fallout 4. Synth Armor, if compared to the rest of the armors, is unique in that its Energy damage resistance is slightly more than its Physical damage resistance. You can also upgrade it, but it will increase the weight of the armor. Synth Armor can give Physical damage resistance upto 103 and Energy damage resistance upto 120. The weight can be up to 57. The variants of Synth Armor include Regular, Sturdy, and Heavy.

Combat Armor:

Combat Armor is very common among 15-40 levels of the game. Combat armor gives no radiation resistance, but it can be acquired by sacrificing physical and energy damage resistance. Moreover, if we talk about Physical and Energy damage resistance, Combat Armor offers an equal amount of resistance for both Physical and Energy damage resistance. It is unique compared to other armors in the game, offering more Physical or Energy damage resistance but not equal. The Combat Armor can give Physical and Energy Damage resistance 59, 75, and 101 bases of the variant that are Normal, sturdy, and heavy. The value for Normal Combat Armor is 185, for Study Combat Armor if sums upto 560 and Heavy Combat Armor which can toll upto 880. The weight of the Normal variant is 22, the Sturdy variant weighs 560, and the Heavy variant weighs 45.5.

T-60 Power Armor:

Without any doubt, T-60 Power armor is one of the great armors in Fallout 4. To some extent, it resembles its predecessor T-45 Power Armor. However, with few minor changes that include the shoulder and some extra layers make the T-60 Power Armor better than its predecessor. Moreover, T-60 Power Armor is impressive for its repair, which is quite easy. Additionally, it is also good for the players who can find it easily. Subsequently, the Physical Damage resistance of T-60 Power armor is upto 980, while the Energy damage resistance is upto 645. In addition, it can resist radiations upto 1050. Furthermore, the item health of T-60 Power armor is 990 and weighs 92. The T-60 Power armor has five variants: Exemplar’s T-60, Honor, Vengeance, Visionary T-60 Helmet, and Tesla T-60 armor.  

Freefall Legs:

Freefall leg is a set of armor with the legendary acrobat effect. This effect enables the player to jump from a high building without any damage being caused only if both the legs are worn. Apart from this unique effect, they are designed for combat to give it a twist the game added a legendary effect to it. The freefall legs have three different variants: Normal, Sturdy, and Heavy, and they can give damage resistance upto 10, 14, 18, respectively. At the same time, it offers slightly less energy resistance that is upto 16.

Moreover, Freefall legs can weigh 7.5 and has a value of up to 285. Freefall legs can be acquired from a safe inside a small room at a Mass fusion building. The player must be wearing power armor with a jet pack.

Quantum X-01 power armor:

According to VeryAliGaming, Quantum X-01 Power Armor is the upgraded variant of X-01 Power Armor. It is the most lethal and best armor in the game. The characteristic of being unique and rare will make you deal with the struggles of finding its parts. I recommend you find Quantum X-01 Power armor parts once you have reached at least 35 levels. Higher the level higher will be the chance of finding parts of Quantum X-01 Power. The stats of Quantum X-01 Power armor is the same as the base variant X-01 Power armor.

Moreover, the Helmet of Quantum X-01 Power armor itself provides 300 damage resistance with energy resistance upto 220 and Radiation resistance up to 150. Furthermore, Quantum X-01 Power armor gives a total of 1700 damage resistance, Energy resistance of 1270, and Radiation resistance of 1050, making it the most impressive armor in the game. This armor weighs 110.3 and has a value of 1464. Quantum X-01 Power armor can be found in a display case in Starport Nuka.