FIFA 23: What can we expect from World Cup mode

It is that time of the year when we usually talk about the upcoming FIFA and all of its new features. This might be one of the last FIFA games coming from EA Games just because they recently announced that they will end their nearly thirty-year partnership. EA will continue to make football games under a different name -EA Sports FC.

Though, let’s put that aside, and focus on what is ahead of us. The latest FIFA 23 is just around the corner and it seems like EA has been busy at work creating all new features and more realistic gameplay. 

The new game will come with more realistic movement, big changes to Career Mode and Ultimate Team, and we will have one of the most desired features, which is the World Cup Tournament.

This is the perfect time for FIFA to release a somehow new feature to the game before the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Yes, you will be able to play with the updated rosters of the countries in the World Cup soccer odds.

Let’s dig deeper and find out all the features that will come with the World Cup mode just to get our heads in the game and prepare for the biggest tournament in the world of sports.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode – Everything We Need to Know

When it comes to sharing information, EA is not so much of a talker. In other words, they didn’t share much information apart from the trailer that revealed that the new game will feature a World Cup Mode. 

So, despite the uncertainty surrounding the long-term franchise, players can rest assured at the moment since they’ll be getting another jewel of a game. They also said that, even though the partnership has come to an end, they are focused and committed to ensuring that the next FIFA will be the best game ever.

About the World Cup Mode, there isn’t much information about its release date and whether will it be included in the original game. Judging from the not-so-great history of EA, there is a chance that we will see the World Cup mode as a DLC that people should purchase additionally.

However, most people think that the World Cup Mode will come as an update after the release date of FIFA 23 for free. 

One thing is for sure we will be also getting a FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup. The Women’s World Cup is scheduled for 2023 and will take place in Australia and New Zealand. Even though we know that the Women’s World Cup is also coming to FIFA 23, we don’t know whether or not will be included in the game or come as an update before the tournament.

What do Players Expect from The World Cup Mode in FIFA 23?

Since there isn’t much information about this new tournament mode in FIFA 23, people like to speculate and add things to their wishlist. After all, this is one of the biggest tournaments in the world of sports, that comes just before the unique Qatar World Cup that will take place in the Winter as opposed to the Summer.

So, let’s find what players expect to see in the new World Cup Mode in FIFA 23.

Realistic Commentary that is Different Than the Standard Commentators

The commentary on FIFA games can set you in the right mood and make you feel that you are competing in the real World Cup. As we know that the commentary on every FIFA game is world-class. 

These levels of the high-class commentary should be held for the World Cup Mode, and it is nice to see some changes that will make games even more exciting.

Deciding Which Teams will Enter the Next Round from the AI Teams

Having an impact on the championship and deciding which teams will progress to the late stages of the tournament is a much-expected option by the fans. That way they can recreate certain scenarios and create an incredible atmosphere.

Ability to Enter a Custom Nation in the Tournament

Not all Nations will be included in the FIFA World Cup. Therefore, most people expect that FIFA will add a feature that can give people the ability to add custom nations into the tournament. That way, we can see nations that never competed in the tournament playing against one of the greats.

Multiplier Tournaments

Enjoying the game against an AI is great, but if you want the real experience, it is best to compete against a friend. Multiplayer is the feature that makes the FIFA game special and most people hope to see this feature in the World Cup Mode. 

Can you imagine competing with your nation against other people? This will intensify the feeling of the tournament and pump you up full of adrenaline making you feel like a true champion after you win the tournament.