FIFA 23’s World Cup DLC: What could it include?

The release of FIFA 23 at the end of September has generated incredible hype, as is typical when a new edition of the EA Sports title drops, but there’s a lot more to be excited about this year. When the FIFA World Cup takes place in November, there will be a free World Cup mode add-on featuring a FIFA Ultimate Team game mode as well as possibly a single-player tournament to replicate the real-life tournament.

Inspired by Real Life

The favorite to win the real-life World Cup is Brazil, currently priced at odds of +6500, according to various sites including Bet365 and BetMGM. Canada sports betting showcases the best sportsbooks and sports betting sites to place bets on various sports, including soccer, and prestigious tournaments such as the World Cup this winter.

With a single-player mode, players could attempt to live up to the expectations of the top nations such as France, Brazil, and England or could play as a lesser nation and try to upset the odds. Many fans of past World Cup series will be desperate for a single-player mode to be added alongside an online Ultimate Team add. The potential narratives would be endless and this would offer the most realistic World Cup video game experience to date.

In terms of the Ultimate Team additions, based on past editions of World Cup modes, an entirely new FUT mode will likely be created. There will be fresh cards for all competing players of different nations as well as icons potentially being added.

Mix and Match: Modes

There could be a focus on icons that have performed well in previous World Cups and the FUT Moments concept could be intertwined with the mode. Cards of players who had iconic moments at past tournaments could also be added.

The new Marvel Heroes concept could be introduced into the mode, including players that contributed significantly to their teams’ efforts at World Cups. The World Cup modes in the past have also included typical FUT features such as Squad Builder Challenges and a World Cup tournament mode to face off online against other user-controlled international stars.

World Cup modes typically provide a much easier route to obtaining the top players without the need to purchase FIFA points or play the game for excessive periods. Free packs in the mode are awarded frequently even just for completing online matches within the mode. Many players view the tournament add-on that comes every four years as a way to play the game that they did in early FUT editions. In the first few years following FUT’s inauguration, there were not as many cards available and fewer packs were opened. As a result people generally had fewer coins and prices on the player market remained low.

It was possible to build a strong team that could compete without spending real-life currency. For many players, the World Cup modes allowed them to play the game in a more enjoyable way that is no longer possible.