Fortnite: Holiday Tree Locations Guide

Fortnite players know the holidays are upon us, and with them come the challenges of Fortnite Winterfest. The last challenge in this series will be to have players look for Fortnite Chapter 2 tree locations, and our guide will help you do that.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Holiday Tree Locations

To complete the challenge of Tree Locations, you will have to access all the holiday trees and dance under them, and only then can you claim your rewards.

There are a total of six holiday trees in Fortnite and the challenge is to dance with less than five. In this guide, we will discuss the location of these trees.

The following image helps us locate some of these trees, however, there are many other things that you can find in the game world:

Easy to spot, 30 feet tall and decorated like any Christmas tree with lights and motifs. Some of them may have looted the boxes near them. All you have to do is look for festively decorated trees. You will not miss it if you visit the areas indicated in the image.

As mentioned earlier, you just have to dance around five of the mentioned trees to complete the challenge. These trees are located as follows:

Holiday tree locations for Fortnite Winterfest challenges

In Retail Row, close to the central car park. It is mainly in the city center. The star at the top of the Fortnite Christmas Tree will help you distinguish this model from others.

In Pleasant Park, north of the soccer pitch. This one is right next to the football field, and it is very easy to find this location.

In the small garden on the north side of Holly Hedges. It is very easy to locate this holiday tree, as it has a fully customised garden and has all kinds of treasure boxes surrounding it.

In Misty Meadows, north of the bridge. You’ll find this next to the meadow channel near the north bridge.

North of the sunken courtyard in Lazy Lake This one is next to the car showroom.

In Salty Springs, on its South border, Find it in front of a house, and it will have some gifts around it.

We recommend completing this challenge in Team Rumble Mode, especially during the week after its launch. This will reduce your chances of encountering enemies in the war once you land.

You can also check the video guide if you have difficulty finding these trees.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Holiday Tree Locations Guide