From Basic to Bling: Customizing Your Avatar with Fortnite Shop Gems

Customizing your character with cosmetics from the Fortnite Item Shop is an important part of the game. In fact, cosmetic items play such an important role that the entire game was created as a third-person experience. This design choice was done with the intent to allow players to see their characters for the duration of the gameplay. Everything from their character’s Outfit to Glider can be seen crystal clear.

On that note, creating a good combo with numerous Fortnite Outfits can be a daunting task in-game especially for new players. Not knowing how to style your character will leave you looking like an oddball. While this is not a bad thing given the setting of the game, there is such a thing as a bad combos. For that reason, knowing how to customize your character with Fortnite Shop Items is an important aspect of the gaming experience.

Four easy tips to help customize your character in Fortnite

1) Costly is not always better

The general misconception for most players is that expensive is better. While this notion or idea may hold true for several things in-game such as upgrading weapons, it does not hold true for Fortnite Outfits and cosmetics. Given how vast the Fortnite Item Shop is, there are always things that can be purchased for a minimal amount of V-bucks that look better than their most expensive counterparts.

Usually Epic Games prices cosmetics that are ranked higher on the rarity scale at a higher cost. This does not imply that they will look better. Given that the Unreal Engine has evolved over the course of six years since the game has been launched, low-cost Fortnite Outfits released in 2023 will look better than expensive ones released in 2017.

2) Look for color combinations or matching cosmetics

One of the best ways to customize your character is by visiting the Fortnite Item Shop today and looking at color combinations. Since characters can don cosmetics from different Sets/Bundles, there’s no need to purchase cosmetics that belong to any one particular Set or Bundle. That said, players should look for cosmetics items that match the color of Fortnite Shop Items they already own.

The same goes with matching cosmetics themselves. With the freedom to pair Fortnite Shop Items, players can choose different cosmetics to match them. In most instances, a seasonal player will rarely use cosmetics from the same Set or Bundle to customize their character. Since there are numerous cosmetic items that will suit the overall look better, those are used instead.

3) Visit the Fortnite Item Shop after every rotation

Since the Fortnite Item Shop Tomorrow is very different from that of the previous day or today’s, there’s always the chance of missing out on good cosmetics. While not all sections in the Fortnite Item Shop rotate on a daily basis, some of them do, and at times, they contain really good cosmetics that are affordable. After they rotate out, there’s no telling when it will be added back.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to check the Item Shop everyday before the rotation occurs. There’s no guarantee that every rotation will bring good cosmetics, but the possibility is always there. If players are lucky, they might even come across cosmetics that have been vaulted for 500 days or more and can stand a chance to own a piece of Fortnite’s history.

4) Plan the cosmetic set by visiting the Fortnite Item Shop

A good way to customize your character is by doing a little research into the cosmetics that are available for purchase in-game. This will help you plan ahead and note down cosmetics items that you may want to add to your Locker for a certain combo. This will make planning and saving V-Bucks much easier. An entire repository of cosmetics can be found in the Fortnite Item Shop.

While this may take some time to sort through the Fortnite Outfits and other cosmetics that can and cannot be obtained, it will be worth the effort. Once a list of required or needed cosmetic items are listed and jotted down, players can track and purchase them as and when they appear in the Item Shop. Having a plan in place will make this process much easier.