Getting Paid to Play: Steps to Becoming a YouTube Gamer

Social media monetization is growing, and it’s happening real quick. People no longer have to rely on a 9-5 work structure to make themselves some money anymore, they can now start a stream on YouTube doing what they enjoy the most to stay entertained or pass the time, gaming.

Yes, Gaming! The industry has been booming at the speed of sound since people had to spend most of their time indoors to avoid the pandemic, figuratively speaking. It went from being a $78 billion dollar industry in 2017 to a whopping $100 billion dollar industry in 2020. So much value in a space of three years. 

Now, the industry is filled with creators, gaming streamers, reviewers, who have introduced a new form of content monetization by earning while game enthusiasts watch their content. The creators getting the most attention now are game streamers. They hop onto YouTube and play some games that appeal to their audience while they interact with them. The situation is a win-win, as viewers get entertained and learn some hacks to pass certain levels, while streamers make some cash while enjoying the thrill the game brings.

If you ever want to monetize your interest in gaming and become a viewers’ favorite, we’ll be showing you a few steps to help you get on the right path.

  1. Find your niche

Streamline your audience base by finding an area of focus, your niche. The gaming industry is packed with a ton load of games you can choose from. Strategy, action, puzzles, and survival, amongst others. But it doesn’t end there, you’d also need to stand out and be more valuable to your audience. 

Right after discovering a niche that piques your interest, you’d need to draw out an action plan based on how best you can deliver content. Your personality, voice, and expertise will help you determine your delivery. 

If you’re thoroughly skilled at the game, venture into walkthrough videos. If you have a great sense of humor/storytelling skills, venture into Machinima. And if you’re more sociable and wish to interact, venture into live-streaming.

  1. Use the right gear

Viewers are more likely to pay attention to you when you’re properly geared up. So, get ready to invest in some quality equipment. As a YouTube gamer, you’d need: 

  • access to the game and gaming platform, 
  • a video recorder (that can record at 1080p resolution),
  • a screen capture software that shows viewers what you’re playing,
  • a microphone or audio recorder for better sound quality, 
  • good lighting for better visuals, and
  • video editing software for an appealing deliverable.

Gaming quality makes a big difference when viewers are deciding who the amateur or pro is.

  1. Select the best video

There are going to be a lot of trials and errors when you first begin your YouTube gaming channel, which means you’ll have a lot of videos in your drafts. But you have to pick your favorite and assess it to ensure that your audience might like it just as much as you do.

When you finally select what video is best, choose a title that explains the content in the video, a customized thumbnail that’ll capture their attention, and then upload.

  1. Run some ads

Reach your target audience more easily with paid advertising. It exposes some of your most loyal subscribers to your channel. And if your content is worth a shot, they’ll subscribe and engage for the longest time possible. You can also advertise on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, gaming enthusiasts are everywhere. 

  1. Get in touch with the community

Connect with other YouTube gamers via emails or DMs, attend gaming events, ask for collaboration, follow their channel, join their live streams. It’ll expose you to the gaming world and help you learn as you grow.


Becoming a YouTube gamer requires time and dedication. If you want to get paid to do something you enjoy, starting a YouTube game channel is worth the shot. If you follow these basic steps, you stand a better chance of becoming a top YouTube gamer.