Guild Wars 2 Expansions Ranked

Looking to get into Guild Wars 2 but not sure which expansion to buy first? We got you covered with a GW2 Expansion tier list to go over which one you should prioritize first and which one you shouldn’t.

In Guild Wars 2, there is a total of 3 expansions as of the writing of this article with a new one being released on August 22, 2023. Secrets of the Obscure will be Guild Wars 2’s latest expansion where players get to explore the game beyond Dragons. We had a discussion with xGuiders, and if you want to look for guides on Secrets of the Obscure, then they will be your go-to when the expansion actually launches.

Every expansion introduces new features and game-changing options that completely change the way players play the game. You will also get new Elite Specializations to give classes much more room for flexibility.

1. Path of Fire

To begin with, you should get Path of Fire. Journey into the Crystal Desert and grab your own mounts. Apart from adding new mounts, this expansion adds an extra Elite Specialization to every class in the game. The story focuses more on the Fallen God of Fire Balthazar as he attempts to awaken all the dormant Dragons. Your mission is to stop Balthazar before all hell breaks loose.

The reason why this expansion is ranked first is because the accessibility to mounts will allow you to explore all the other regions of Tyria much faster. The Elite specializations of this expac are also still relevant and used heavily within all game modes to this day.

Here is everything that you get in the Path of Fire expansion:

  • Mounts
  • New Maps
  • New Story
  • New Elite Specializations

2. Heart of Thorns

The second one on the list would be Heart of Thorns. Even though this is the first expansion in the game, I suggest you get it second because it allows you to use gliding where you can gradually fly even if you are in combat. This is something you can’t do when riding a mount.

The Heart of Thorns takes players deep into the jungle of Maguuma to combat Mordremoth, the first dragon to awaken after Zhaitan.

This region is with its own unique challenges, mysteries, and lore. However, the maps there will probably drive your instance due to the different levels and depths that you can explore.

Here is everything that you get in the Heart of Thorns expansion:

  • Gliding
  • New Maps
  • New Story
  • New Elite Specializations

3. End of Dragons

End of Dragons, as the name says ends the Dragon cycle that has been festering Guild Wars 2 since the core game with Zhaitan, then Mordremoth then Primordius and Jormag. Finally, confront Su-Won in this epic expansion and end the dragon cycle once and for all.

The reason why this is number 3 is that even though new Elite Specializations were introduced, the game did not add any groundbreaking features like Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns did. Sure we did get a quality-of-life addition like fishing where players can relax and collect fish to make gold, but this is not something that I personally was looking for in an expansion as a main feature.

Here is everything that you get in the End of Dragons expansion:

  • New Elite Specializations
  • New Map and Continent
  • Fishing
  • Skiffs
  • New Mount (Siege Turtle)

What goes beyond: Secrets of the Obscure

This time around, we go to the skies. ArenaNet is trying something different with the introduction of the latest expansion. We won’t be actually going back to the older Guild Wars maps, but rather explore high up to a realm that safeguarded Tyria and its people for centuries on end.

The expansion expands on the Skyscale, allowing them to fly within updrafts and becoming mountable even when in combat through the introduction of a new mastery.

There is much more for you to explore by checking the official page of Secrets of the Obscure.


Guild Wars 2’s three expansions, Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, and End of Dragons, have each left a significant mark on the game’s world of Tyria. With each expansion, ArenaNet has continuously raised the bar, providing players with new and exciting content, gameplay mechanics, and unforgettable storylines.

This is not the end though, with the new Expansion coming out soon, we believe that this is just the beginning of a new era.