Help is Here: What is the Best Resume Writing Service? 

Writing a resume is the art of personal branding. But what if you’re an entry-level specialist and this is your first resume ever? Should you consult a third party for more advice? Yes, you absolutely should! A resume writing team knows everything about the industry and how to let your skills shine. How to find out whether the resume writing service suits your needs? Check the tips in the article below.  

Why is Hiring a Writing Professional a Must?  

We all know that itchy feeling that an approaching deadline causes. To craft a winning resume on time, hire professional writer or a resume writing service and win your dream job. A resume writing agency is a place where everyone knows how to let their accomplishments stand out. Which are the other benefits of hiring a writing professional?  

  • Time! A professional writer will save you time if you have to combine your current job responsibilities with job hunting;  
  • Industry knowledge. There is a high chance a resume writer knows more about the industry an applicant is entering than they do;  
  • Human resources. Since a resume writer knows the industry requirements, they will make sure your skills and work experience match the job post demands;  
  • ATS bots. A resume writer knows how to use professional keywords in a resume to make sure they pass the ATS system. 

Follow the guideline on choosing a great resume writing service below.  

What is the Best Resume Writing Service?  

First of all, let’s talk about reputation. A 5-star service will have both positive and negative reviews. Yeap, the popular opinion about perfect smooth services is not a part of reality. All because nothing is perfect, and people make mistakes. What to do in this case? Check for both positive and negative reviews and find the ratio. If the total ratio is 80/20 for positive and negative reviews, respectively, then the agency is trustworthy.  

We advise you to tackle the problem by visiting sites with independent reviews rather than focusing on the company’s site only.  

Writer’s Professional Background 

The writer you’ll cooperate with is like a career advice expert who knows the industry and what makes recruiters tick. When reaching out to resume writing services, perform a quick background check on specialists. How to find whether your writer can compose a bot-beating resume? Check the tips below.  

  • Find whether the writer has experience in your industry. How many years have they held the same job position as you did? Check the writer’s professional background and ask about their job responsibilities and accomplishments;  
  • Samples, credentials, and accreditation. Ask for the writer’s samples of work. Need a Functional resume? Ask your writer to show you Functional resumes they’ve already done for someone; 
  • Reviews. Check what others have to say about the writer’s work ethics and the quality of their writing. Find whether they miss deadlines and ask for the tools they use to provide the best customer experience; 
  • Resume writing knowledge. Does your writer know everything about the applicant tracking process? A professional writer knows how to beat the ATS bots and win you a job that matches your skills and experience. 

Budget and Writing Process Steps 

There is always an average budget line a business follows in the industry. What is the best resume writing service in terms of budget? The one that doesn’t exceed the average price for the writing services. Check a few resume writing companies to define the average price in the industry. Keep in mind that the price will depend on the writer’s language proficiency and the complexity of the task. For instance, hiring a native English speaker will be far more expensive than hiring a non-native specialist.  

Meanwhile, a standard ordering-and-writing process will include the following stages: 

  • Placing a new order. The company’s system will ask you to add the name of the service, the due date, and the order’s instructions. The virtual tool will calculate the approximate price of the order, and the system will start processing it;  
  • Contacting the support team and the writer. After you place the order, the support team will contact you and help you create an account and find a writer;  
  • Releasing the payment. After you accept the order, the payment for the services will be automatically released from your funds. 

Support, Refunds, Revisions 

So, your writer is the best specialist who understands your needs. The price for your resume is average, and the whole ordering-and-writing process is transparent. Are there other factors to pay attention to? What is the best resume writing service, and which are the red flags to avoid? 

  • Support team. Make sure the company you choose has a 24/7 support team. If your writer misses the deadline, you’ll need to contact support specialists ASAP. The same goes for unforeseen situations like employers changing your interview date; 
  • Refunds. A company with a great reputation is supposed to have a 30- or 60-day refund policy. This means if you don’t expand your career resources in 1-2 months, you have a right to take your money back. In other words, with a resume writing service, you should be able to find a job in less than a month;  
  • Revisions. Some revisions are free, while others require additional payment. Everything depends on the number of words that should be rewritten. If a revision requires some parts written from scratch, a company might place a new order for you. In the end, revision policies differ from one writing agency to another. Hence, finding out the company’s revision policies before placing an order is a must. 

Final Thoughts 

A custom resume beats an applicant tracking system and increases your chances of getting employed by top players in the industry. Before you place an order, check out the company’s reviews at TopResume reviews and the writer’s credentials. Ask for the writer’s resume samples and find everything about the company’s refund and revision policies.  

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!