How Can You Make Money From YouTube?

Would you also like to earn some extra pocket money by making videos? I will explain to you how to make money with YouTube.

YouTube is the largest platform for online videos. And that’s not surprising since millions of people enjoy themselves here every day watching cute animal videos, hard fails, and the daily events in the lives of vloggers.

But wanting to be entertained isn’t the only reason to use YouTube. The platform also offers a large number of informational videos and useful do-it-yourself tutorials. You can earn up to a million dollars monthly by posting various ad content on your channels, promoting various goods and services, or do affiliate marketing, for more information.

Do you make great YouTube videos, or do you want to do this? I explain to you how you can also earn money with this.

YouTube millionaires are not a myth. 

But before you go completely wild with enthusiasm and buy an expensive camera to make videos yourself, I would like to emphasise that you will not become rich within a week by posting 1 video.

“You can easily earn money with YouTube, but it is certainly not easy.”

It takes perseverance, creativity, and the right skills to play the game smartly.

I can hear you thinking, But how can making money with Youtube be both easy and not easy? I’m going to explain it to you.

How Do You Create Your Own YouTube Channel?

You’ve decided to start making videos and putting them on YouTube. Before you do this, create a YouTube channel.

  1. Make sure the name you choose is one that people will remember. Short but sweet works best here.
  2. Make sure you fill in all the information that YouTube asks from you correctly and clearly. Tell us about yourself and your company (if you have one). This makes it much more personal and people are more likely to commit to you.

Have you reached the point where your videos are ready to go online? Doing well! Then we can now talk about making money.

Allow Ads on Your Channel As a Youtube Partner

In the settings on your YouTube page you can indicate that you want to monetize your videos. This means that ads are placed in your videos. However, your video must first pass the YouTube inspection and there are a number of rules associated with that.

You may only monetize your video if the content is your own. By that we also mean all the cool soundtracks that you place on your videos. Unless you can demonstrate that you have the commercial usage rights. It’s not all that strict as I tell it now, and in many cases it is tolerated if a song happens to be heard in the background. Still, a warned person knows in advance what can go wrong should prepare for it

Allowing ads in your video only yields money if you have at least a few 1000 views. A YouTube ad yields approximately between €0.30 cents to €5.00 per 1000 views. The amount depends on the number of viewers, the subject of your video and ad and how many people actually click on the ad. It’s not really a gold mine if you’re a starting Youtuber.

“Clicking on the generate income button is not rocket science, having enough views to earn big money is a different story”

Google Adsense to Receive Money

What you do next is sign up with Google Adsense and link it to your YouTube account. (This is just free). Google Adsense ensures that your earnings are actually paid out.

Please note: you will only be paid from an amount of €70,-. It does not matter whether you have reached this amount after 1 day or after 1 year, the amount will simply remain in Google Adsense.

For the young readers among us: minimum age is 18 years to create such an account. But because it’s free, you probably only have to look sweetly at your parents.

See What You Earn: The Statistics

YouTube indicates in the statistics what your expected income per day is, although this is only visible after two days. Although this income is fairly accurate, it remains an estimate.

In Adsense, your balance remains at zero for the entire month and you will only see what you earned last month two weeks after the end of the month. It is therefore possible that your balance on YouTube is €36 and on Adsense still €0. This may create some confusion, but now that you know this, you can rest easy tonight.

Really large amounts of money will not come out of this, especially in the beginning.  So it is certainly not impossible to make good money with YouTube. Let me emphasize that too. It is also a matter of playing the game smartly and being lucky. How to play the game smartly, I’ll tell you now.

How do you optimize your YouTube channel and get more views?

If you want your videos to be viewed well, there are a number of things you should take into account.

Choose Subject of Your Video

The most important thing is the content. What subject do you want to make videos about? Topics can be very diverse: from how to renovate a house to a vlog about your dogs. Choose a topic that you actually have something with or know a lot about. Pick a topic that people actually search for, and that people will still want to look at in a few years.

Keyword Research

There are several ways to find out which topics are frequently searched for within YouTube. For example, use a YouTube keyword tool or the keyword planner in Google Adwords to find out which keywords people search for the most and which videos are in demand. You can also type in the topics you want to make a video about in YouTube.

See which videos in your industry have the most views by looking at the statistics of the videos that already exist. You can then see where the viewers come from (via YouTube itself or through a link in social media or a blog).