How Projectors are Affecting the Gaming Industry

With the rapid increase in projector sales, it isn’t surprising that projectors are shaping how some people view the entertainment industry. With gaming along with projectors industries hitting record revenue numbers, both industries are evolving to the changing digital age.

Projectors changed how many people watch professional sports such as soccer, and football and now that change is coming for the gaming industry.

Now that the refresh rates are becoming faster and faster on projectors it is becoming easier to make the switch from tv to a projector. There are still a few changes that need to happen to projector technology for the vast majority to make the switch, but each and every day we are getting closer to that objective.

Benefits to Projectors

Many projector companies are being pushed to make their products applicable in the growing age of gaming. This is pushing the industry to new heights as they constantly need to evolve into new markets. This shift is pushing companies to upgrade their projectors no tjust in the regular ways such as resolution, but also input lag.

How fast the information gets from your gaming console, or pc to the screen (projector) is the most important aspect in gaming. This is because if your input lag is too long then you will be at a sufficient disadvantage over the people you are playing against.

If your input lag takes even 500 milliseconds that means everything you see is about half a second late which doesn’t sound like too much, but it can drastically hinder your gaming ability.

If you are looking to get a projector for your gaming setup then look for one with an input speed of about 33-40 milliseconds, this will ensure your gaming won’t be affected by your projector. 

Projectors obviously aren’t as portable as a small tv which may be quite a big deal for some people who enjoy moving their console around and bringing it to friends houses to play games, but there are quite a few portable projectors out there which may be sufficient to your gaming and portability needs!

Benefits to Gaming

Now that it is becoming more common to see people playing video games on projectors instead of super quick monitors it is opening the door to more casual gaming with friends and family in a movie room, or games room with a projector. 

Instead of gaming being something people mostly do by themselves with the introduction of projectors it will be more of a social event which will add lots more fun to playing video games. 

Also, it is making the gaming consoles become more compatible with projectos and making the two technologies work fluidly without any negatives.

Overall, there are quite a few positive effects on the projector, and also the gaming industry due to the two industries becoming closer and closer. It will be exciting to see if more people make the shift towards using projectors for gaming instead of traditional monitors or tvs!