How the Minecraft Metaverse hopes to change the world

Except you live in a rock, you would have perhaps heard the word “metaverse” at least once. What is it? And how does it affect you? Before we see it, you might be interested in our article on the best coins to stake. It will surely help you in your crypto passive earning endeavor. 

Imagine a world where you don’t have the issues with this current one? Imagine you could travel the world without stepping out of your house. Imagine you could taste the world’s geography and culture firsthand without physically being there! The Metaverse is one way this is possible. 

The first introduction we had to it was through Neal Stephenson’s piece; snow crash. Since then, we have seen it being used in adventure games, panoramas, and even AI-generated locations giving us a glimpse of what can be achieved with this discovery, and we can’t just wait for what next to expect. 

In a few words, the metaverse is coined from two distinct words; Meta, which means “beyond”, and Verse which refers to the universe. Combined together, the word metaverse refers to a world beyond our physical universe. Though the concept has existed for decades, it has recently been touted as the next step in internet development, alongside Web 3.0. Like Web 3.0, the full-flair development of the metaverse is coming into play gradually, but it is sure to be used in allowing interaction, gaming, and even virtual and augmented realities. 

How does Minecraft aid understanding the metaverse?

Minecraft has been perceived as a helpful piece in a bid to understand the concept of the Metaverse. With its ability for players and developers alike, this game offers many opportunities – both with fun and economic simulation – when it comes to exploring what’s possible in our virtual worlds.

You can look at Minecraft as an abridged version of the metaverse and Web 3.0, and you would not be wrong. Moreso, they offer a close-up understanding of how these concepts will apply in the real world.

What differentiates Minecraft from other metaverses?

Minecraft’s highly adaptive nature makes it an ideal candidate for the Metaverse. With players able to create their own content, there will always be new worlds and experiences available within this game that can easily adapt to changes in technology or player input

When you think about what kind of platform would best suit your needs as someone who wants access to both VR worlds and social networks, where friends are primarily online at different times, a few things come immediately to mind: Minecraft is priming to be in that exclusive list. 

Minecraft is like your own personal pixelated world. You can make anything you want, from complete fantasies to more realistic simulations of real-life situations with Minecraft’s limitless creativity mode! The community also makes it easy for people who haven’t met before – even if they live on opposite ends of the globe-to form friendships or at least get to know each other well enough.

A few things have accounted for Minecraft’s success so far. They include; 

  • Decentralized 

Remember that there have been different attempts to build a metaverse by different people. The most notable one is Mark Zuckerberg’s rebranding of the Facebook enterprise to Meta, just to show a bold statement. This statement has been received with disdain in the crypto community. Many opine that cryptocurrencies are supposed to be decentralized, and building a centralized structure to host their usage will be bad for the community in the long run.

Minecraft, though owned by Microsoft, has been positioned as a decentralized metaverse. Microsoft does not control what happens in the game, and there is zero interference with the happenings in the game. 

  • Engaging

The beauty of the Metaverse was seen in having VR headsets mixed with quite a number of fans blowing into our heads to make the simulation feel immersive. The issue with this is that using these tools is quite expensive for an average person that wants to experience the virtual world 

Minecraft is a low-cost method to enter the metaverse. With just your computer, you can get a similar feel to using VR goggles. With sounds, the feeling is immeasurable. 

  • Uniqueness

There are different reasons why people come on Minecraft. Some want to meet new friends, some want to fuel their curiosity, and others are looking to enjoy the joy of building on bare canvases. 

There is also the opportunity for players to experience worlds outside what they are used to. A good example is how New Zealand citizens can learn about the Maori culture, even when they are not in the country. 

Interacting with the Metaverse

The player can interact with each other through various methods such as chat, private messages, and forums. In addition, they may choose to join servers that are Dedicated game worlds where players connect in order for them all to share their experience at once. 

Players are grouped into servers, and the best way to enjoy the game is to contribute to the server you are on, in various capacities; just like various transactions add up to make up the eth blockchain explorer.