How to buy POE Currency for Path of Exile: 3.19 expansion?

Path of Exile gamers recently should be very concerned about the 3.19 expansion that will be released in August.

As early as July 11, a thread like “Our 3.19 Expansion Timeline” appeared on Path of Exile’s official forum. 


At the time we saw a post that said “The 3.19 expansion will probably launch on August 12th PDT, which means that the Sentinel League will end on approximately the 9th of August PDT”.

But with the passage of time or what new changes may be planned, Path of Exile has further clarified the release time of the 3.19 expansion. In the “Updated 3.19 Expansion Timeline” thread on July 20, it said “3.19 expansion may be launched on August 19th PDT. So you can expect the announcement livestream around August 11th PDT and Sentinel League’s would end around August 16th PDT.”

In fact, on the one hand, players hope to experience the freshness and fun of the new league as soon as possible, and they hope the developers can optimize this content as much as possible, to improve our game experience. Faced with such a situation, we only have to learn as much as possible new information and buy POE Currency for new challenge currency in advance before new content arrives.

According to Grinding Gear Games, as expected, we’re going to get a ton of new content and balance changes in the new leagues, but other than that, the new leagues coming out in the 3.19 expansion should be bigger than Sentinel leagues, so We will expect more major changes than we have seen during the current league.

While we don’t yet know what these changes will be, based on information leaked in a recent post on the Path of Exile forum about the 3.19 expansion, the background image is dominated by ships, and we may be able to venture a guess that the new league is related to the 3.19 expansion. Many have speculated that this is some hint of what’s coming, but of course, it’s all speculation. Grinding Gear Games seems to focus more on the Path of Exile endgame and Path of Exile 2 in development.

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