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How to Choose the Right Gaming Headphones

All your previous gaming headphones did not do justice to your money and interest. Is it? Oh, we value your presence here and strive to serve you best than all.

Gaming is an increasingly indoor sport these days and with the corona lockdown session, what else we could suggest ourselves do than this.

If you want to reach up to the heights of real and raw satisfaction gained by playing amazing online multiplayer games, you need a competitive gaming headset with all the quality features.

And this, here you go with the list. Learn and land on the headset, everything is covered top to bottom.

How to choose the right gaming headphones for you?

1- Noise Cancellation plus Noise Isolation

The headphone’s integrated ability to make significant use of active and passive noise cancellation features play a vital role in enhancing your overall gaming experience. While the active noise cancellation technology prevents any ambient noise from provoking your attention from the enemy, the passive noise isolation does its part of the job by not allowing the noise from indulging with the gaming sound effects practically. If you want to enjoy double the time, you need both of these specs in your gaming headset but if the budget does not enable you anyhow, it is better to go for ANC alone.

2- The total build quality 

The manufacturing of your gaming headphones is high-time going to determine it’s shelf life.

If you are too much into gaming and prefer investing in high-end products once rather than purchasing cheap accessories time and again, please pay personal attention to the headphone material. In this case, refrain from the plastic construction and find for the combination of metal and leather layout.

With this being mentioned, the gaming experience involves a lot of excitement sometimes and the other times, you want to play games at different sitting and lying positions so if the headphones are good in material, they can endure such diverse wear and tear easily.

3- Better to best Microphone

A quality microphone supported with excellent sound coverage is a win-win situation for any gaming headset because these two lead the experience. Isn’t it?

The multiplayer online games like PUBG, Fortnite, Rules of Survival, and Garena Free Fire, etc are the top microphone involved games where the players communicate while confronting the enemy, just to expand the enjoyment and the individual performance.

You can also make use of your regular music headphones with a separate microphone base to make up for this particular need. But if you want a gaming headset packed with all the superior features, look for a single or at large dual microphones installed in the headset.

4- Basic Surround Sound system

If not high-end, the gaming headphones must be backed with a basic surround sound system because it adds to the powder of various sound effects that can alter the gaming experience to an encouraging side. It is, however, made possible with several audio speakers that bestow life to the minor sound effects in such a way that you notice them and enjoy them all together. If your gaming headset lacks this power, it can also affect your win rate because an enemy might be firing behind your back and you never know simply because you could not listen to that specific sound.

5- Wired or Wireless

Since the very beginning, there has been a perpetual state of chaos between the wired and wireless headphone users. The reason is pretty much the set of benefits and drawbacks of each.

However, if you are a gamer, the decision can be 10x more difficult for you because you have to bring into account many conditions and needs to fit the specific type there.


  • These are usually affordable, hence requires less investment to go a long way of the usage
  • Quite dense with maximum features than wireless 
  • Particularly away from the pressure of charging before and after every use
  • No Bluetooth connections involved, either just a 3.5mm jack or USB


  • Inconvenient while playing passionately because the wires get in between your playing hand movements
  • The wires may break or get internal damage eventually 
  • You are bound to sit and play at one place instead of moving around the room 


  • You just need to put them on your head and the rest is a free event
  • These last longer straight without any doubt
  • The battery timing is incredible only if the headset is expensive enough to support it this way or else you are going to spend plenty of time putting up with the headset drip
  • Excellent sound quality 
  • Usually up with the required sturdiness


  • Way too expensive for on-budget people
  • These are somewhat heavier than wired headphones 

Depending upon the carefully enlisted pros and cons of each headphone type, you are free to select your suitable choice while keeping a closer look at your relevant exposure to the use.

6- Comfort

The comfort of the headset, regular ones, or especially the gaming ones, lies in the designing style.

Such headphones should neither be too close to entrapping unwanted moisture over a longer period nor too open to welcome ambient noise to mingle with the gaming sound effects.

Therefore, it should be really on point to do justice with your enjoyment.

Also, the ear cushions plus the headband must be made of soft and velvety material to not cause any itchiness and redness around your ears and neckline.

Before buying any particular headset, examine the right size and type that you feel like suiting you and it’s done.

Conclusion This was all to assist you in your most important decision in life, gaming must be adored to the extent it deserves. This practice, simply, is the essence of life and favorite time pass as well as therapy to most of us. Therefore, now if you have learned the tactics and the basic knowledge to land on the ideal gaming headphone pair, it’s time to come across the 10 best gaming headphones chosen on the same criteria. Read more at Headphones Radar.

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