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How To Complete Laswell’s Letter in DMZ MW2

There are millions of gamers all over the world who have fallen in love with the Call of Duty franchise, which is a part of the exciting world of video games. When it comes to the most popular games, Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) stands out as a classic because it provides players with exciting missions and experiences that they will never forget. “Laswell’s Letter” is an example of such a mission that can be found on the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) map. In this guide, we will delve into the specifics of completing Laswell’s Letter, providing you with a comprehensive set of strategies and tips to help you overcome this obstacle.

Understanding Laswell’s Letter in DMZ 

To begin, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the purpose of Laswell’s letter. Players are tasked with locating and retrieving a significant letter that contains vital intelligence in order to complete this particular mission. An extremely difficult obstacle is presented by the fact that this letter is concealed within the DMZ map. You will be able to plan your approach appropriately if you have a clear understanding of the mission’s objective.

Laswell’s Letter DMZ Mission Guide

Laswell’s Letter is an exciting and challenging mission in the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) map of Modern Warfare 2 (MW2). This guide provides a brief overview of the key strategies to complete the mission successfully.

Navigating the DMZ Map

The DMZ map in MW2 is expansive, featuring diverse terrains and intricate pathways. Before embarking on the mission, take some time to explore the map and familiarize yourself with its key landmarks, chokepoints, and hiding spots. Having a solid understanding of the terrain will significantly enhance your chances of success.

Planning Your Loadout

Choosing the right loadout is crucial for completing Laswell’s Letter. Consider selecting weapons with a balance between versatility and firepower. Opt for an assault rifle or submachine gun as your primary weapon, allowing you to engage enemies effectively at various ranges. Additionally, equip yourself with tactical grenades and perks that complement your playstyle.

Coordinating with Your Team

Laswell’s Letter can be completed in both single-player and multiplayer modes. If playing with a team, effective coordination and communication are paramount. Establish clear communication channels, designate roles, and coordinate your movements to ensure a synchronized effort. Working together strategically will increase your chances of success.

Stealth and Awareness

Stealth and situational awareness play a vital role in successfully completing Laswell’s Letter. Remain vigilant, utilizing cover and maintaining a low profile to avoid enemy detection. Use silenced weapons and employ stealthy movement techniques, such as crouching or prone positions, to reduce the risk of exposure.

Tactical Approaches

Different tactical approaches can be employed based on your playstyle and the situation at hand. For example, you may choose to adopt an aggressive assault strategy, clearing out enemies swiftly and decisively. Alternatively, a more cautious and methodical approach may involve careful reconnaissance, flanking maneuvers, and using distractions to your advantage. Assess the situation and adapt your tactics accordingly.

Learning from Failure

Don’t be discouraged by initial failures. Learning from your mistakes is crucial for improvement. Analyze each attempt, identify areas where you struggled, and formulate alternative strategies. Patience and perseverance are key to overcoming challenges in Laswell’s Letter.

How do I read Laswell’s letter in DMZ?

To read Laswell’s letter to the DMZ mission of MW2, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the letter: Search the designated area or follow the objective marker to find the letter’s location.
  2. Interact with the letter: Once you’ve found the letter, approach it and press the interaction button (e.g., “E” on PC, “X” on consoles) to read its contents.
  3. Read the letter: After interacting with the letter, the text or message it contains will appear on your screen. Take your time to read and absorb the information.


In order to successfully complete the Laswell’s Letter in the DMZ MW2 mission, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the objective, to plan loadouts, to coordinate with your team, to incorporate stealth, to employ tactical approaches, and to gain knowledge from past mistakes. If you modify these strategies to fit your play style, you will be able to overcome the exciting challenge that Laswell’s Letter presents.


What is Laswell’s Letter in DMZ MW2?

The mission known as Laswell’s Letter can be found on the map known as the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2). A significant letter that contains vital intelligence must be located and retrieved in order to complete this task.

Where can I find Laswell’s Letter in the DMZ map?

Depending on where you are on the DMZ map, the precise location of Laswell’s Letter may change. It is typically located in a particular location or in close proximity to a particular landmark. In order to find it, you can either follow the objective markers or explore the map.

How do I interact with Laswell’s Letter?

Approach the letter’s location and press the designated interaction button on your controller or keyboard. This will allow you to read the contents of Laswell’s Letter.

Are there any enemies or threats near Laswell’s Letter?

It is possible for enemies or threats to be present in the vicinity of Laswell’s Letter. Before attempting to read the letter, ensure the area is clear of any hostiles to avoid interruptions or compromising your safety.

Can I read Laswell’s Letter in multiplayer mode?

Yes, it is possible to finish Laswell’s Letter in both the single-player and multiplayer modes of the first-person shooter game. There is a possibility that the availability of the mission is contingent upon the particular game mode or the settings of the server.

What happens after reading Laswell’s Letter?

When playing the DMZ MW2 mission, reading Laswell’s Letter will typically cause a scripted event to occur or advance the storyline. Be sure to pay attention to any instructions or goals that come after this one.

Are there any rewards or benefits for completing Laswell’s Letter?

Despite the fact that completing Laswell’s Letter may not personally result in any particular rewards, it does make a contribution to the overall progression and narrative of the game. It is possible that it will unlock new missions or move the stories along.