How To Gain More Instagram Followers For Your Gaming Account

The gaming industry has come a really long way in such a short period of time, and it is no longer as simple as uploading a few videos to YouTube hoping to go viral. Becoming a professional gamer, or even a streamer for a living now requires hard work. 

Some of that work involves using social media platforms such as Instagram, which is what many gamers now do, as it really does help to increase their audiences. Many professional gamers on Instagram even use growth services, like Growthoid for example, to gain Instagram followers, which helps a lot since it allows them to just focus on creating great content. If you are new to Instagram, or if this is your first time trying to promote yourself and you aren’t sure what you should be doing, then here are a few ways to gain more Instagram followers for your gaming account. 

Post Entertaining Content 

Assuming you are not new to Instagram, or social media, and this isn’t your first time creating an Instagram account, then you would know that successful accounts create content that entertains their viewers. If you are a streamer then your goal to entertain should also extend to Instagram, and since gaming is already so fun, this should be relatively easy. 

One reason why posting entertaining content is so important is because it’s shareable. You need to consider the people viewing the content; when they see something that is really cool, they will share it with their friends. More than this, it also increases the watch-through rate, in other words, people aren’t just skipping to the next post after watching for a few seconds, which helps your post reach even more people since Instagram thinks it is worth seeing. The opposite is true for posts that people don’t watch for very long; Instagram assumes the content is boring and doesn’t reach many people. 

Use Hashtags for Targeting            

There are many things you can do on Instagram to reach new people and increase your reach, and you guessed it, one of those is using hashtags with each of your posts. One of the great things about hashtags is that they are free to use, and there are even free sites on the internet that show you which hashtags get the most engagement and which are used the most. 

When using hashtags, you should use ones that are as relevant to your content as possible, and relate to the niche you are in, which is gaming. The reason for this is because you don’t want Instagram to think you are spamming hashtags just to reach new people since this goes against their terms of use and you could get shadowbanned as a result. In addition to this, you will only be wasting your own time since you won’t be targeting the audience you want, and the audience that will engage with your content. 

Engage With Users   

Something that many people forget when using social media, especially Instagram, is that it is a social platform, which means that you have to be social with users, and Instagram rewards you for this. A great tactic to use is to search for a very popular gaming account and check who is following them. Then all you need to do is following accounts that are following the popular account. Do yourself a favor and only follow accounts that have fewer followers than they are following, as this means they are more likely to follow you back. 

Other than this, you should comment on popular posts, like posts, direct message users when they follow you back and thank them, or even request that users follow you when you follow them by sending them a message saying it will be appreciated. 

Use Reels  

Lastly, if you truly want your gaming account to prosper, and gain followers really quickly, then you should focus on creating entertaining short clips that can be binged, in other words, Reels. Reels are the perfect way to post if you want to reel followers in with entertaining clips that are easy to digest. 

One of the biggest benefits of Reels is the fact that it is shown to many different users, which means that you can increase your reach by using them. More than this, if they enjoy your content, they will check your profile out, and if you have a link to your streaming platform, you might gain a few loyal viewers with each Reel.