How To Improve at Runescape Fast

Twenty years on from when it was first released, Runescape is still immensely popular – there are currently 1.1 million active subscribers, and it is estimated that more than 15 million people play the free version, or one of the mobile versions of the game. If you’re just starting out at Runescape, or returning to the game after a break, then you will want to improve your stats fast to reap the rewards and bring in the gold. There are many ways that you can do this and boost your character’s performance quickly. 

Train hard

Training is one of the fastest ways to increase your experience and boost your skills. By following a skill training guide, you can really focus on the methods you need for key actions, such as cooking, woodcutting, magic and herblore. One of the best skills to train first is strength, as you will need this for any offensive moves that you make in battle. Strength training will increase your (Damage Per Second) DPS, so that you can do the most damage to your enemies and defeat them. Your strength level will also mean that you will have more power if you are taking part in a melee combat. 

Make plenty of money

There are plenty of simple ways that you can bring in the gold playing Runescape, without needing to defeat the big bosses. If you’re new to the game, one of the quickest ways to make cash is to kill cows and chickens, and then sell them at the Grand Exchange. If you are a medium-level player, woodcutting and cooking will get you gold, and as your level increases, you can bring in large amounts of gold from mining and slaying dragons. Iron ore and coal are the most valuable materials to mine.

Take on battles

If you want to level up quickly at Runescape, then you’re going to have to step up and take part in some battles. Each fight that you have will help you to gain experience and level up. You will have plenty of opportunity to kill the giant spiders, rock crabs, yaks and Flesh Crawlers. Don’t forget to head to the Temple of Marimbo and take on the evil monkey guards too – that battle will gain you valuable experience. 

Whether you are new to Runescape, or a returning player, there are plenty of ways that you can level up quickly. Train well, get some gold and enjoy a bit of combat, and you will soon be top of the game.