How to quickly upgrade hero in the classic World of Warcraft

Tips for developing your hero in World of WarCraft Classic: The mechanics in classic WoW are built in such a way that development in the game is a long process. Up to character level 40, gamers are denied access to transport, they are forced to move to the class trainer over and over again in order to get new perks, travel between locations, completing only one quest in each, etc.

This article provides useful tips on how to speed up the boosting process. Optimization of time and resources, the most “fat” locations, advice on assistance services in boosting – boosting, and buy wow gold wotlk classic etc.

Standard boosting

Raising power to level 60 in WoW takes up to two weeks on average with intensive play. It is not always desirable to spend so much time on leveling. Especially if this is not the first account, and the entire standard path has already been passed more than once. Many players believe that level boosts and buying a level increase in World of Warcraft make no sense, but for those who value their time, the article has everything you need.

Gameplay optimization

As in any game, in WoW Classic, in order to level up faster, you need to optimize the gaming process. Reduce time costs, resource costs and establish a course of action.


Quests in WoW are not built linearly. In some cases, answers to the questions “Where to go?” and “So what to do?” aren’t that obvious. If you cannot understand what the essence of the task is, look for answers on thematic forums.

Some quests are intertwined, so you can complete them at the same time. Do not rush to turn in every completed task. First go through all the quests in the location, and then turn in all at once.


A big part of the gameplay in WoW is moving between quests. In order not to waste this time, collect resources during your travels, kill ordinary mobs, etc. This will help you level up your character faster.


Mounts in Classic WoW become available at level 40. It allows you to move 60% faster, which is a good bonus with large maps in the game. Don’t spend gold on things you don’t need, but save up for transport.


It can be obtained from the innkeepers in different locations. The stone allows you to quickly recall to the inn it’s bound to. The cooldown lasts 60 minutes.

Power leveling

This is perhaps the easiest way to quickly level up Power leveling in WoW are character boosting services in the game. They consist of:

  • help in boss battles;
  • help with the passage of dungeons;
  • Increase your earnings, etc.

Some services offer leveling up in WoW without the participation of the player at all. This is convenient if the customer does not have enough time. In this case, he simply gets all the items, gold and equipment in his inventory along with the level of progress.


Armor and weapons in the “classic” affect the rate of leveling up, but not so much. Don’t waste time going back for weapons again and again. For the time spent, you can boost so much that this equipment will not be relevant. But if you use melee a lot, a good weapon is essential. It can be knocked out for a quest or bought. Also look for armor with the “spirit” ability. With it, HP and mana are restored faster, which reduces the time spent on food.


The right choice of talent will significantly speed up the leveling of the hero. In hybrid classes, it is best to choose the damage-dealer spec. Hybrid fighters can also heal and, to a limited degree of success, tank without changing talents. This is handy in small-scale and open world PvE.

It is worth giving preference to talents that:

  • increase the movement speed;
  • increase hit and critical hit chance;
  • Increase the survivability of your character.


Every 2 levels, new abilities for specializations are available to you. Learn only what you need. This will save time and money because you don’t have to constantly go to the coach for training.


The experience gained from some dungeon quests allows you to quickly increase the character’s power in World of Warcraft. For a successful passage, you will need to assemble an experienced team of gamers. But if you do not want to take risks, you can use the boosting services and buy a level boost in WoW. You are guaranteed to be helped to pass any dungeon.