How to run a successful gaming Instagram account 

A gaming Instagram account is an Instagram account that is targeted at gamers. The account is dedicated to gaming-related content and this is a very popular niche on social media. Popular gaming accounts generate millions of followers with the most popular account having as many as 15 million Instagram followers. The gaming niche has grown increasingly popular on other social media platforms such as YouTube, and since the introduction of COVID, this niche moved to Instagram and started rapidly growing there. A few of the most famous gaming Instagram accounts include @ninja with 15 million followers, @tsm_myth with 7.4 million followers, and @fernanfloo with 5.8 million followers. If you’re interested in ways to run your own successful gaming Instagram account or how to find a gamer girlfriend, keep reading. 

Fresh audience 

The first thing you need to do is attract a fresh new audience for your gaming Instagram account. To do this it is recommended that you re-evaluate your current followers and unfollow all the accounts that don’t align with the mission of your new account. With some of the tools recommended by WP Dev Shed you can unfollow everyone very quickly, so as much as it sounds like hard work, it’s pretty easy to do it. Decluttering your followers on Instagram will make way for new followers who are in your niche and who your content is going to resonate with.

Research the market 

Market research is another step that will help you run a successful gaming Instagram account because this will help you connect with your audience much more effectively. You are also able to identify gaps in the market and any growth opportunities. When you research the market and understand what they like and dislike, you can provide content that they will engage with and you can overall have a more informed approach to Instagram. Finally, researching the market enables you to stay on top of trends. 

Engaging content 

People are on Instagram for the content so if you want to run a successful Instagram account, you need to provide content that is good quality, immersive and engaging. The more your followers engage with your content, the more visible you become on social media which will boost your brand awareness and welcome new followers. If lots of people are engaging with your content, Instagram will also favor your account on the algorithm because tons of engagement indicates to Instagram that people like your content. To optimize this, provide your followers with a variety of content in different formats. Do this by using all the tools provided by Instagram including Reels, IGTV, stories, live, and regular image posts. An Instagram hack that you should know is that the app promotes Reels the most so if you want to reach a wide audience outside of your followers, use reels. 

Interact with the audience

As much as you want the audience to engage with your content, you also need to engage with your audience. This is how you build a relationship with your followers and display your personality. Do this by replying to direct messages, liking comments, responding to comments, and also using Instagram Stories. Stories are a great way for you to interact with your audience because there are stickers that you can use to ask questions, host polls, and promote interaction in a more controlled manner. If you focus on this step, your audience will love you and want to engage with you which will help your account successfully grow. 

Collaborate with other gaming accounts

Finally, you want to collaborate with other gaming accounts. This is a great way to expose your account to a wider audience, especially if the account you are collaborating with has a large audience. This is a useful and effective step because you want to reach their audience. After all, their audience is also your target audience and is within your niche. When reaching out for a collaboration, ensure the account aligns with the values of your account and make the collaboration fun, such as a gaming competition or giveaway.

If you’re a gaming fanatic who is interested in bringing your love for gaming to Instagram, you can easily grow your account to be a success by following the following steps: welcome a fresh new audience, research the market, provide engaging content, interact with your audience and lastly, collaborate with other gaming accounts.