How to Stream Games on Facebook: 5 Tips

Streaming games has never been more popular, and it has taken over the internet. There are lots of video game streamers that are popular around the world and are streaming games regularly to their huge fan bases.

Twitch has been the biggest platform so far when it comes to streaming games, but now Facebook is trying to compete with Twitch and YouTube in the streaming industry. Facebook has invested a lot of money into making the streaming experience better for gamers. Their recent partnership with Microsoft Mixer and the integration with Streamlabs has definitely made them a worthy competitor of YouTube and Twitch.

As the community of gaming streamers is comparatively new on Facebook, now is the right time to get into this industry if you want to gain Facebook likes and followers by attracting new people and creating a fan base. 

In this article, we will go over some tips on how you can stream better on Facebook and utilize the potential of Facebook streaming.

5 Tips for Streaming Games on Facebook

Hyping Up Your Game Stream

You cannot expect your followers or new viewers to just stumble upon your live stream when you are streaming a game. It is always better to create announcements or countdowns when you are going to stream a game. Increase the excitement by explaining what viewers can expect during the stream. You can also post a short intro video and ask them to join the stream at a given time. You can ask them to follow your page, so they do not miss it when you go live. It can also help you increase the number of followers in the early stages of your streaming journey.

Timing of Your Stream

When you stream, it is very important to get early eyeballs on your stream. You need to figure out when your audience is most active on Facebook to choose the right time for you to stream. You can do it by checking your profile or page when most of your followers visit it. Streaming the game at the right time will give you an early advantage.

Quality Should Always Be the Best

Nine out of ten people say that the quality of the video is the most important thing for them when watching a live stream. So when you stream a video game, the quality of the video and the audio should be the best. High-quality equipment is not very hard to find, and it will be a one-time investment that can make a huge difference for your stream.

Try to Play Different Games

You don’t have to stick to one game when you are streaming on Facebook. You should always try new games that viewers are excited about. Furthermore, you can also see which game has more hype or if there are any new releases you can play. It will help you create a diverse fan base quickly.

Interact With Your Chat

When you stream, you need to pay attention to your chat and interact with it often. A lot of streamers on Twitch have been successful in creating a diehard fan base because they frequently talk to their chat, ask them questions, or sometimes answer a question that was asked in the chat. It helps users relate to you on a personal level, and they become long-time viewers.

In Conclusion

These five tips are very simple yet very strong to assist you in a number of ways while streaming on Facebook. So, do try them and let us know which one worked the best for you!