How to Work with Social Media For Gamers

Novice gamers are deluded into thinking that only top games streams and an expensive gamer PC will bring them popularity and significant income in a short time. They create YouTube channels, stream on Twitch, and try to gain views by constantly creating digital content. However, the number of subscribers isn’t growing, and your hobby isn’t profitable.

The point here is not a high competition and a huge number of streamers and bloggers in this niche only. Social networks are crucial for all gamers as well. 

If you want to get followers, boost views on your YouTube channel, improve your gaming blog and increase audience, you definitely need a presence in social media — SMM for gamers.

If you have several accounts in popular social networks, then advertisers will be more willing to offer you cooperation on very favourable terms. They will see your live audience, your regular interaction with subscribers, your reach, engagement, and the number of subscribers that is growing every day. It means you are interesting.

In this article, we are going to tell gamers about which social media accounts are as essential as owning a powerful gaming PC and constantly updating digital content. Let’s go!


YouTube is the most popular and effective resource for gaining followers and developing in this niche. It is the very first hosting for viewing video content, where let’s play fans prefer to spend their time.

If you have a separate website blog about video games and industry news, you should also start a YouTube channel. This video hosting is still in the first position in popularity among gamers.

Advertisers from different fields watch hours of content to pick the best gamers and offer them collaboration. You don’t have to stream. You can publish videos with gaming news, as well as reviews of current releases or Collector’s Editions unboxing.

It’s critical to pay attention to the quality of sound, image, content, and video duration. A free video editor will suffice for editing. Engage your audience and always respond to comments. To easily upload a video to YouTube, we recommend you check the video format in advance. If you have any difficulties, read how to convert MP4 to MKV or vice versa.


YouTube, the video giant owned by Google, is Twitch’s biggest competitor. Hundreds of gamers stream on Twitch and publish finished videos on YouTube. But while there are some similarities, the two platforms are completely different. But publishing digital content on these two sites (at the same time) doesn’t hurt.

Unlike YouTube, the actual number of viewers is valued above all on Twitch. Therefore, advertisers are more likely to rate authors in the daily audience and, to a lesser extent, the total number of followers. However, agents also take into account audience activity, replay views, whether the gamer is streaming with a webcam, etc.

So, the main goal of your Twitch channel isn’t to get followers but to create high-quality digital content to maintain a stable number of views.


It’s one of the most popular social networks on the Internet. A huge number of users are constantly publishing various digital content, liking, commenting, and sharing posts. Therefore, the company decided to launch the Facebook Gaming application.

The new service is a classic online game streaming platform that is positioned as a competitor to the popular Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube. Users can stream their games directly to Facebook without using a gamer PC or logging into Steam.

Your presence as a gamer or streamer on this platform will demonstrate to your audience that you are always ready to try something new and improve. And this, in turn, will attract advertisers.


This platform should be considered as a universal tool for creating transparent online communication. Gamers are the target audience of Discord. The application is extremely easy to use with installation on desktop and smartphone.

Voice channels allow you to communicate with other gamers, video game developers, and advertisers. Discord is also actively used for cyber competitions on gaming PCs to exchange information during the tournament. Frequently, people (united by one hobby, theme, and values) create special channels in order to communicate.


All in all, Reddit is a platform where people can share news, and digital content, and comment on others’ posts. If you are a gamer and want to get followers not only on Instagram, but increase your audience, channel recognition, credibility, demonstrate expertise, and build a personal brand, you definitely need to be on this site.

Reddit is divided into over a million communities known as subreddits. A subreddit is a place where people with the same passion gather to talk and share some info. Each section has its own set of rules, principles, and moderators. Almost all subreddits are open to everyone and allow you to publish and comment on posts, even without subscribing to the section.

Reddit often has breaking news and a lot of user-generated content. Also, here you can learn a lot of interesting things not from the world of the game industry and about the latest products in Steam only.


Instagram is the perfect place to show your personal life to your followers instead of just posting streams and digital gaming content. Here subscribers see you behind the scenes of gaming videos.

An account on this social network is a great opportunity to get followers, increase your audience and tell about yourself. Interaction isn’t limited to posts with photos. Today, Instagram offers several publishing options — Stories, Reels, posts, lives, IGTV.

A well-designed account will attract the audience and advertisers even without using the gallery app. It is a wonderful social network for personal blogging and communication with fans.


Twitter is the most powerful communication tool. With the help of this social network, you can easily establish business contacts, make acquaintances with like-minded people, and be the first to know the latest news.

It is a good chance to keep in touch with your audience and fans. At first, glance, using Twitter may seem more complicated than growing a profile on Instagram. However, everything isn’t so challenging here. 

Wrapping Up

As you have already understood, social media accounts are no less significant than streams on YouTube or Twitch. Social networks help you gain your audience’s trust, get followers, increase reach and engagement, and receive offers from advertisers.

In addition, any gamer knows about Steam. It’s obligatory to mention this platform. It’s not a social network — a service developed for buying and launching computer games, communication between players, creating gaming communities, and much more related to the industry — a must-have for any gamer.

In any case, the more active you are on social media and constantly publishing digital content there from your gaming PC, the more you win over your audience. Good luck!