Hyper Casual Games to Play in Your Free Time

These days, there is a greater variety of gaming options than there has ever been before. In the realm of online gaming, there is a wide variety of games available, ranging from puzzle games to massively multiplayer games. As a result of the proliferation of mobile gaming, hyper-casual games have become some of the most downloaded titles available on the market. These games are one of the most famous phenomena in the gaming industry. The fact that you can pick up these games and begin playing them right away without having to learn complicated rules or strategies is one of the reasons why they are appealing. Although it is possible that they will not be included on lists of the best games of the year, they hold a significant position in the gaming industry. Continue reading to find out more about the games that are completely casual and can be played in your spare time.

Base Attack

If you are looking for a game that will help you relax and relieve stress, Base Attack is the ideal choice to play when you only have a few minutes to spare. This game, which is reminiscent of classic arcade games, was a masterpiece that was developed by Lion Studios. Over the course of this game, your objective is to deal the greatest amount of damage possible by destroying all kinds of weapons, such as rockets, guns, and cannons.

Fun Race 3D

Your goal in this fun racing game is simple: be the first competitor to cross the finish line. If you’ve ever watched the American Ninja Warrior TV show, you already have an idea of how this game plays out. Getting to the finish line won’t be easy because you’ll have to dodge many obstacles along the way. The controls are easy to get the hang of, though: just tap to jump and release to stop running.

Catch and Shoot

If you like team sports, you’ll like catch and shoot. The game is all about throwing a ball to your teammates. It probably sounds too easy, but that’s what hyper-casual games are all about. You’ll launch your ball from the top of buildings towards a catcher on another building. You can even tackle players on the opposing team. Catch and Shoot is a fast-paced game that keeps you coming back for more. 

Paper Fold

This casual game is designed for puzzle lovers who want a relaxing way to spend their free time. Hyper-casual puzzle games feature puzzles that are easier to complete than what you’d find in traditional titles. As the name suggests, this game is all about folding papers and turning them into pictures. While the game becomes more challenging as you play, it never becomes impossible, ensuring players don’t get too frustrated. Once you complete a puzzle, you can bask in the beauty of your creation. 

Giant Rush

Imagine a fighting game with giants, monsters, and more. That’s what you get when you play Giant Rush. You start the game with several men of different colors that you can unite into a giant being. The game has a racing element where you try to avoid obstacles on your way to the final boss fight for the crown. The more you play, the stronger you get, making it easier to defeat the enemies in your path. Play your cards right, and you’ll emerge victorious.