News : Instagram is now ready to target Tik Tok

App Tik Tok from China has gained worldwide popularity in recent months, and realizing this threat, Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram has also released anti-application copy-based feature .

Tech Crunch reports that Instagram rails will allow users to create 15-second videos that can be decorated with music and shared as stores, while a new rails section is likely to be introduced on Instagram Explore.

Like Tik Tok, consumers will have a music catalogue available at the reels or a remix of any joke and music will be taken from any video.

This feature is being introduced to iOS and Android users but is currently only available in Brazil.

Along with Reels as well as other popular features of Instagram, Facebook is looking to attract close to 1.5 billion monthly subscribers to the anti-talk tik tok and this new feature will be featured on Instagram.

According to Instagram product management director Robbie Stein, credit goes to TikTok for popularizing the format, which is exactly what Instagram founder Kevin Sistrom said about SnapChat before stealing the storage feature. Was that all the credit goes to them.

Chinese companies have always been criticized for duplicating American companies, but this time the American company has stolen their feature.

However, Robbie Stein said that the two products are not the same and that sharing music videos is a global idea that we think will be of interest to all.

Brazil has been chosen by Instagram because this app is very popular while TickTalk is currently not widely used, while music is highly preferred in Brazilian culture.

Instagram has adopted the same strategy of targeting Snapchat and introducing stores where Snapchat was not present.

Instagram also favors the US government over tick talk as the tick-talk is being scrutinized by US officials.

Be aware that Chinese company Bait Dance bought App Musical in 2017 for a billion dollars and then turned it into a talk show, which has become increasingly popular around the world.

This feature will be on par with boomerang and supersomes in Instagram stores, and users will be able to search for audio by doing a silent or search.

In addition to this, the time caption feature has also been made part of the rails, while users will also be able to use Ghost Orle and other things.