Downloading Instagram stories and highlights is easy if you are using the Snaptube app, one of the best Instagram story downloader apps for Android phones.

Instagram Story Download 1080P Using Snaptube

After Instagram stories were available, the urge to download them quickly followed. It’s common knowledge that Instagram automatically deletes photographs and videos from “stories” the day after they’re posted.

Instagram story downloading is important for many reasons but here are some of the reasons why you may need the best Instagram story downloader.

Why Use Instagram Video Downloader Apps?

Instagram doesn’t offer a direct download option. Despite the fact that they only last for 24 hours, Instagram stories are where all the action happens. On the other hand, you may save the memories of your loved ones forever by downloading their stories.

Then you’ll have a reminder to think about on chilly winter nights or wet summer days. After all, a glass of mulled wine can’t compare to the warmth of a good memory.

In this scenario, you always have the option of using a prepared folder that contains fascinating ideas for fresh videos and photos to use for Instagram stories. So, you can have an Instagram story video downloader.

So, How to Download IG Story with Snaptube?

Instagram videos, Status updates, Reels, and Stories may be downloaded instantly for personal or professional use. 

With Snaptube, you can easily download Instagram videos in HD quality, whether you want to download a single video, a series of videos, or a slideshow of photos and videos.

Use Snaptube to download a limitless amount of videos and images. Because it is compatible with all of Android’s most recent versions, the application can be downloaded by Android users at no cost. 

Simply browse Instagram from within the app that you downloaded, and you’ll be able to start downloading videos with ease. All you need to do is download the program from the official website.

Steps to download from Instagram story

There are no startup costs associated with using Snaptube, and the mobile application can be accessed without having to make a purchase or provide payment information.

You also have access to the HD material of a wide variety of other networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, among many more. Now follow the simple guide and know how Snaptube works.

  1. Install the Snaptube app on your Android device by downloading it from the official website.
  2. Install the app on your phone and grant the necessary permissions. 
  3. Find the Instagram icon on the top of its homepage. Then you will open the Instagram page within the app. 
  4. Scroll down the Instagram page to view your preferred story videos, photos, or reels.
  5. To download IG story on your phone, simply the “Download” button. Snaptube’s video library is where you may watch the downloaded clip.

Besides, you can also go for Instagram story download by link on the Snaptube app, which means you can paste the copied story link to Snaptube seach bar and download it directly to the Gallery app. Using the Snaptube app, you can get everything you want. 

Features of Snaptube Instagram Downloader App

Users’ wants and wishes were taken into consideration during the development of Snaptube. Downloading Instagram videos, reels, stories, and posts directly into your Gallery is a quick and easy process that is also secure and handy for all users.

  • You may download videos from Instagram without having to register for Snaptube.
  • There is no need to copy and paste, and the entire process is incredibly straightforward.
  • Download any sort of material that Instagram offers, includings stories, highlights, photos, music, reels, and so on.
  • Downloads are available in high-quality formats such as high-definition videos and photos. Instagram story download 1080p is feasible.
  • Within the free downloader app, you can both see and manage any downloaded files.
  • The download speed is exceptional, and there is no cost.
  • Download from a variety of different websites, such as Facebook, TikTok, YT, Dailymotion amongst others.


How do you access Instagram on Snaptube?

You can locate the Instagram symbol on the main page of the Snaptube program. Simply tapping on it will initiate the downloading of videos from Instagram. 

In this location, you are also able to make use of other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. You may visit Instagram by going to or by using the app on your mobile device.

Why can’t I install Snaptube?

Because of the restrictions that Google Play’s policy places on video downloading tools, Snaptube is not currently available through that platform. This indicates that the Snaptube APK files may only be downloaded through the company’s website. 

It is important that you are aware that none of the Snaptube versions that can be found on Google Play are legitimate.

Is Snaptube a good app?

In point of fact, well-known antivirus companies such as CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout Security have demonstrated that it is quite secure to make use of Snaptube. 

In addition, downloading videos and music from Snaptube does not involve any kind of login or registration on your part. Just download the Snaptube app and paste your Instagram story link to download it.