Is Razer a Good Brand? Razer Brand Review

In the world of PC gaming and PC hardware, there are many computer part brands out there. Many computer part suppliers come with their own identity through their products or services. We come across these brands through sites like Amazon or eBay but these brands also have their own sites.

It is easy for us to order a graphics card or gaming chair through Amazon or any other trusted massive product supplier. Still, when it comes to buying products on the product developer’s site, we get skeptical. This is especially the issue when we don’t know about the product and have no referencing reviews to help us with our buying decision.

This brings us to the brand, Razer. This brand is mostly noted in the gaming peripheral scene and is well known in the gaming community overall. Their items are usually not in a high dollar price range, which may cause some to question their quality, service, and trustworthiness.

In this article, we will be discussing all things Razer and exploring all the questions that you may have, and helping you decide on whether Razer is a brand you should purchase from.

What is Razer

Razer is a computer parts and gaming peripheral product supplier that also has some other product catalog additions, like laptops, coolers, and even masks.

Razer has been around the gaming product scene since its founding in 2005 and since has made a name for itself. Many describe Razer as the “Apple of the gaming scene”, although that may not be the most accurate description, they have some of the most innovative products in the market.

Razer not only has products, but software as well and states that they have over 175 million users. They have a wide variety of gaming software with their most notable being Razer Cortex, helping gamers optimize their gaming experience. 

Is Razer a Trustworthy Brand

Yes, Razer has been a trustworthy brand for over 15 years. Getting approval from millions of happy customers, Razer is a safe and reputable brand that you can be happy knowing is a solid brand to buy your PC products from.

In the early years of Razer’s product release journey, many people were skeptical because the brand hadn’t been out for long and at the time Logitech and Turtle Beach were the kings of both PC and gaming products.

Are Razer Products Good

Razer products are among the best computer gaming product suppliers and their mice are especially touted as the best in the gaming space. Razer holds a favorable place in the gaming community, while still holding some of the most competitive prices around.

  • Razer Mice

As mentioned before, Razer is often mentioned and praised for its gaming mice. In many mice product lists the Razer Viper comes out on top as one of the best lightweight competitive gaming mice on the market.

  • Razer Speakers and Headsets

Not only that but Razer also has been noted for its excellent gaming speakers and headsets. Although they are not regarded as having the best audio products out there, they have tried and true products that are more affordable than other brands.

  • Razer Software

As mentioned before, Razer has not only succeeded in releasing a large number of products but also a decent amount of software for their users and even non-users to take advantage of. From RGB customization to excellent audio processing software, Razer has also succeeded in software development.

Is The Razer Store Safe

Yes, the Razer store is a safe and trustworthy site and brand to purchase your products from. They have had an incredible track record for nearly two decades and have gained the trust and approval from not only tech reviewing outlets but also the community.

Unlike other brands that create and sell gaming tech products, like Zotac, Razer is an excellent provider that offers the community a competitively priced catalog of products without sacrificing their safety.


Paralleling the general reception that Razer has with its consumers, Razer is a great brand that is not only trustworthy, safe, and reputable, but it also has some of the most budget-friendly gaming and computer products out there. Razer is definitely a brand to hold in a high regard.