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It’s All In The Crosshair: Ranking The Best

Valorant is a game of skill, and any seasoned player knows that one of the most overlooked, and impactful changes you can make to your setup is customizing your crosshair early on. Don’t get it twisted, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with the default crosshair on Valorant, and many stick with it throughout. However, following the 5.04 patch from Riot, changing the color, outlines, opacity, and size among other features on your crosshair is easier than ever. But what does a good crosshair look like?

The Fundamentals

A great crosshair is specific to its user. Some players benefit from a minimalist style, while others might prefer a larger ‘box-style’ crosshair befitting shorter-range weapons. Fundamentally, a good crosshair needs the following:

  • Clear visibility of targets 
  • Flexibility operating over different backgrounds, textures, and scenarios
  • Isn’t overtly disruptive to aiming at speed or over distance

There’s also room for a little fun, too, of course. If you’ve been playing Valorant for a while, you’ll appreciate spectating and seeing a flashier crosshair, take for example the ‘Rolex’ – a garish golden square-style reticule. Adding it to your setup is surprisingly easy with a little guidance.

Incorporating a little bling to your HUD is never a bad thing, we recommend having a quick search of recent Valorant news for a simple guide, in case you were looking to spruce up your sights. Now, while ‘Rolex’ is a lot of fun, if effectiveness is more what you need, look no further than these options.

TenZ: The People’s Favourite

TenZ is one of Valorant’s very best, and his choice of reticule probably wouldn’t hurt to copy, would they? He’s stone-cold on the maps, and his crosshair is characteristically simple and effective; a small light blue cross, with no additional framing or outlines. Its only downside is its similarity to the color of the sky on most maps, which can clash when aiming upwards. A quick search online will reveal the profile codes you need to copy TenZ’s crosshair

Boaster: Pure Precision 

Boaster is the in-game leader of the successful European Fnatic outfit and his choice of crosshair speaks to his precision style of play. A single, minuscule bright green dot. It’s often nicknamed the aimbot’s crosshair, due to its small size, but it’s actually very easy to see, doesn’t distract, and is great for long shots – a good choice for the snipers among us.

Source: Unsplash

Hiko: A Safe Choice

Hiko is now retired from pro gaming in Valorant, but he knew his crosshairs. Opting for a larger white cross, with a clear gap in the middle, the one difference he included was the firing error turned on. This is a great choice if you’re new to the game and not familiar with the accuracy of each weapon in the Valorant universe. 

Aproto: Something Different

Aproto’s choice of a thin line circle shape is nice to use purely because of its smoothness in aiding in tougher shots like headshots. There’s a reason Aproto is referred to as a wizard at creating crosshair, this isn’t an obvious stylistic choice, and yet it works beautifully well for all experience levels. 

We all hope to be as good as the pros, and adding a new crosshair certainly isn’t all it takes to get there. However, if you can take even a scrap of the skill, accuracy, and quality of their style into your Valorant experience, why not give their set-ups a try? Or just add the Rolex crosshair, and make your friends laugh – we’ll let you decide.