8 Best Keyboard Tester Available Online (Working)

8 Best Keyboard Tester Available Online (Working)

Are you Searching for the best keyboard testers to check if your keyboard is working properly or not? You have landed in the right place!

The keyboard is an essential part of your computer system, and its proper function is vital to ensure. 

So, in this article, we will tell you about the best keyboard testers that can help you determine the keyboard’s functionality. 

Read on to know more!

Best Keyboard Tester Review

Here is the list of our best keyboard testers.

1. Keyboardtester.io

If you wish to carry out your keyboard check online, you can do that too. You will need to head to keyboardtester.io and start testing your keys. You can start the test by pressing any key.

It’s one of the best and safest ways to test your keyboard’s functionality without installing third-party software.

This site is safe to use and is very responsive.

2. PassMark Keyboard Test

No wonder the PassMark Keyboard test is certainly the best if you are looking for a quality keyboard tester! It is a complete keyboard testing software that boasts a flexible, user-friendly interface. 

This application features a virtual keyboard that helps you determine the functionality of your keyboard. 

When you press a key, that particular key gets highlighted on the virtual keyboard, which indicates that your keys are working perfectly.  

But, this application is so embracing because it allows the user to test the mouse clicks. 

In addition to this, it is also able to calculate lag and depress time. And if your keyboard comes with backlights, you can test them with PressMark!

3. Keyboard Test Utility

Have you been looking for a Keyboard Test utility that is easy to use? Then Keyboard Test Utility will surely be the best for you!

This software is incredibly special because it comes with three keyboard layouts named DP-72, SL-91, and ANSI. In addition, this is portable software, which means you can use this application without even installing it on your computer. 

Like PressMark, it also comes with a virtual keyboard. 

When you press a key, and if the key is working fine, that particular key will get highlighted on the virtual keyboard. Also, this software comes with light and dark themes. You may apply as per your preference.

4. PressWhat

Next on our list is PressWhat. 

PressWhat is one of the finest keyboard testing software renowned for its basic user interface. And if you have been searching for an application with the most basic interface, PressWhat would be the one. 

After you launch, it appears in a small dialog box with a few instructions. And when you press a key, the name of the key is displayed if it’s working fine. 

But the major drawback of PressWhat is that keys like PrintScreen or the Volume key are not registered in its database. So pressing such keys will deliver an error message. 

The best thing about this software is that it is also available as a portable version. You can use the software without installing it if you download that version. 

5. Aqua’S Key Test

If you want to use an application a bit simpler than PressMark, then the best choice for you will be Aqua’S Key Test. 

It’s a pretty simple application that boasts an easy-to-use interface. It is probably the very best keyboard testing software for Windows PC. 

Like every other keyboard testing application, Aqua’S Key Test also features a virtual keyboard and works almost the same way. If the key you pressed gets highlighted on the virtual keyboard, this is a clear indication that the key is still working perfectly.  

6. Keyboard Tester

Next on our list is the Keyboard Tester. 

This software is free for testing the keyboard’s functionality, specifically on Windows. If you are having trouble with your keyboard, use this application, and you can detect the faulty keys instantly. 

To test the keys, all you have to do is just start pressing keys, and if the correct key name pops up on the screen, it is clear that your keys are working just fine. 

Also, downloading this app is very easy, just head to sourceforge.net, and download it. As it is portable software, you won’t have to install it. You can use the app just by clicking the downloaded executable file. 

7. Iobit

An alternative to keyboardtester.io is Iobit. 

The Iobit is another site that lets you test the keyboard’s functionality online. This site features a virtual keyboard, is 100% safe to use, and is free of all ads. 

To start testing, begin with pressing any you like. As soon as you type, the site responds instantly and gives you the result. 


Now that you have read this article to end, I hope you figured out which application you will use. 

If you wish to conduct the test online, go with Keyboardtester.io or Aqua’S Key Test, as these two are the most reliable. 

The keyboard is one of the primary input devices, and ensuring its functionality is of utmost importance!

Good luck!