League of Legends: The path to a professional career

Nowadays, there are many more different ways to make money and launch a career. While people used to have to study, work at a bank or a company and try to fight their way up in order to have a professional career, not to speak of the conditions like family and social background which determine whether you even get the chance or not, the time of the internet and the globalization offers way more different opportunities. 

Games like Counterstrike and League of Legends entertain vast communities all over the world with organized tournaments and competitions where international players can prove their skills. Also, the gambling industry, which was known to be only in the casino or sports sector, adapted to the so-called eSports. Go to the LOL eSport betting section to find out more about the betting industry of eSports. 

New ways of fame

In our times people can simply get rich and famous through Instagram for instance. The so-called influencers and stars of social media found ways to get rich and famous simply through uploading funny videos on the World Wide Web. This is actually incredible considering the last couple of decades of social struggle. But there are even more obscure ways to make a career. One of the ways that the new age of internet and virtual reality to launch a professional career nowadays is playing video games professionally. 

The ones who dedicated their energy and time strictly to their favourite game like League of Legends may have the chance to go up in the ranking, train hard and eventually become one of the top players in the business. Now it is possible to place bets on the eSport events and profit from the knowledge about the digital sport. Therefore ESport betting sites have been popping up all over the internet and not all of them are as serious as they appear, which is why it is important to stay informed and read reviews in order to avoid disappointment or even fraud. 

But how does one become a professional League of Legends player? What are the risks to avoid and strategies to consider in order to become a top player? And what does the path to a professional career in League of Legends look like? We have the answers for you!

Play, play, play!

It sounds too simple, but it is true. Like in any other thing, like football or learning an instrument, practising is key to becoming a good player. So the first thing one has to do in order to launch a professional career in League of Legends is to play every day and be strict with yourself. Laziness will not bring you anywhere.

Playing alone all the time is just the first step, though. The best players believe that it is equally critical to practice team play. Everyone’s experience is different from another depending on who plays. At the end of the day, you want to become a good League of Legends player. It is good to play a lot of solo queues. But it is important to understand that League of Legends is also a community thing. So engage with the community and create teams with folks you meet online. You must learn how to work as part of a group if you want to become a good player. 

Playing is the key! Alone and together!

Learn how to lose!

Playing a lot means also losing a lot. If you only win it, the game would not be exciting at all, and also you would be the best player on earth already. Of course, you will lose, and that is okay. With every loss, you will learn more, and you will improve every time you play again.

To win large events and become a top level player, you must learn to accept defeat – something many great players had to learn over the years after eventually underperforming early in their career and failing to win big tournaments. Many professional players say that they competed in the Challenger Series for many months before even being eligible to play professionally and make a career. Every good player has experienced many losses during the way up. And it will also not get easier.

The better you get, the better are also the players you compete with. In big tournaments, it is extremely unlikely that you are the best of all players. The first seasons in the LCS will be extremely difficult for you. So keep your head up, do not get disappointed or even angry if you lose. Do not listen to anything unpleasant people say on social media and do not let it affect you. 

The key is to let your emotions out of it, stay concentrated and keep going. Only like this can you become one of the best!

Watch other players and learn!

Of course, it is important to play much by yourself. As a passionate player, it may be hard to watch others play without being involved. But be patient and learn! Watching others play can help you a lot to learn more about your own gameplay and shows you new ways of playing!
Online Portals like Twitch offer you the opportunity to watch top players live while they play in a tournament. The platform additionally gives a chance for the audience to engage with the performers. Twitch channels feature a chat area where viewers may engage with the broadcaster like top level players. This gives you the opportunity to learn from the best, watch their gameplay, learn their tricks and even ask questions to them. 

Besides playing by yourself, watching top League of Legends players on Twitch is a key to becoming a good player yourself. While footballers also learn from watching football matches, players on Twitch even explain their strategies and answer questions of the audience live. That’s a great feature one should definitely not miss when trying to launch a professional career in League of Legends! Engage with the community! Watch and learn!