leftovers game story walkthrough

leftovers game is a first-person horror game that can bring you a unique horror experience. This game is relatively short and you can complete it in your free time. Many players are curious about what this game is about. The leftovers game story walkthrough, I hope to help you pass the game quickly. If you want to know more about the leftovers game, you can visit gametopn.com.

leftovers game story

Leftovers online game tells that because your mother cooks too much food, so let you give the extra food to the neighbors, so the neighbors may be potentially dangerous, and the mother will ask you not to talk to strangers, but you can’t avoid sending the extra food. Interact with neighbors during meals, if you come home many times out of fear, then you will disappoint mom and lead to game over, will you successfully complete mom’s mission? Make your mom proud, don’t be like your dad.

What kind of ending will you face after all the meals are delivered? Finally, you’ll learn a creepy secret at home, what are these leftovers made of?

leftovers game walkthrough

1. You have to start delivering meals from next door. This is a kind-looking grandma. After giving the meal to the grandma, go down to the 8th floor. After knocking on the door, a woman with glasses will appear. She will ask you about this dish. Pay or not, if you nod, the woman will take the meal and throw a bug at you, so here you should shake your head.

2. Come to another room on the 8th floor, there is a wretched fat man wearing glasses, he will ask if you are the son of the beautiful girl on the 9th floor, if you shake your head, it will trigger the homecoming plot, but the mother wants You don’t want to come back until you’ve delivered all the meals, so mom will let you continue to deliver.

3. Go down to the 7th floor to deliver the meal. There is no one answering the room on the left, but there is the sound of water in it. Someone should be taking a bath. You can come back later. There is a fierce uncle living in the other room. He will ask you to take it. The lunch box is placed at the door, but you will find that his door is not closed. If you look inside out of curiosity, the uncle will close the door, which will trigger the scene of going home again, so you should not peek into the room here.

4. After arriving on the 6th floor, only one room is occupied. After knocking on the door, there is an elder sister whose hair covers one eye. She will happily invite you to her house for a rest. If you agree, then after you come out. It will trigger the story of going home again. At this time, my mother will hold a knife and say: Don’t be like your father, don’t let me down.

5. You have to go to the 5th floor to continue delivering meals. There is a female classmate who often bullies you on the 5th floor. You don’t want to choose to send it to her. Then you come to the 4th floor. There is no one in the room on the left, and the door of the room on the right is open. , after putting down the box lunch, there will be a man without limbs crawling over to take the box lunch, if you see this scene, it will trigger the 4th time to go home, then this time your mother will go crazy and let you go back to the room, the game is over, So I suggest you put down your lunch here and run.

6. No one lives on the third floor. When you go down to the second floor, there will be a man with a dog and a grandfather with only one hand. The grandfather will say that there is no need for a lunch box. You can nod your head for every question, just shake your head for the last question, if you nod your head, the old man will invite you to the room and the game will be over.

7. On the first floor is a new sister who moved in. She is very happy that you brought food, although she felt that the food was sticky, and finally found that there was an eyeball in the food. Now there are only two servings of food left, you need to knock on the door of the annoying female classmate and give her a box lunch.

8. In the end, there is the last box of food left. Go back to the 7th floor to deliver meals to the bathing room. There will be a tall and beautiful woman in the stairwell. She will like this food very much and will call her mother to know if it is How to do it, my mother will tell her that this food is made from my father’s body. It turns out that this woman is my father’s lover. She wants to kill the little boy in a fit of rage. She will chase you with a knife. You have to do it as soon as possible. Escape back to the room, this is your mother will take the knife and gently tell the little boy to go to his room and close the door, saying that there are some leftovers to deal with, and the game is over here.

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