How to Level Up Fast In Clash Of Clans – Guide and Tricks

Have you ever wondered what XP (experience points) / leveling up is and how it counts towards the activities you do in Clash of Clans? COC is a great war strategy game on Android and iOS platforms, and it never gets boring, and it is an addictive game for many mobile game players around the world.

In this article, I’m sure you will learn how to level up faster in Clash of Clans or get quick XP. The things behind earning experience points, the relationship between experience points, your level, and much more are discussed in this post.

The simplest way to get up to speed is to invest more resources in the town hall. The more you invest in City Hall, the faster you will unlock other resources.

How to Earn XP & Level Up In Clash of Clans

Experience points (XP) are a kind of numerical value, and the more you accumulate them, the faster and higher your level becomes. If you join any new clan, they will sometimes see your profile level to ensure you are not a beginner at a low level. A COC level is an important metric that indicates the experiences gained in the game and tells others how much you experienced. I’ve listed the things below, including where to gain knowledge or quickly upgrade in Clash of Clans. So, now let’s discuss how to earn XP and earn levels faster in Clash of Clans.

Troop donation is necessary for each clan member to make the clan stable and healthy by helping other members get more vital forces for clan warfare. The great thing about donating is that they can help you earn experience points. Depending on the space between bedrooms in the unit, you get some Experience Points (XP). For example, when you donate an archer to a fellow in the clan, you will get one experience point (XP).

If you donate a Pekka, you will get 25 XP since Pekka has a living space of 25; however, the donation In War Bases, it doesn’t give you XP or add a friend who needs achievements because one can tell another player to remove the troops donated by them in their Castle War. So you earn XP iteratively. To fix this flaw, the game developers have disabled it.

Destroy the Enemy Town Halls in Clash of Clans to level up quickly

Destroying town halls during a raid on the enemy base is a great way to get a decent amount of XP in Clash of Clans. One can destroy as many town halls as possible just by seeing them outside in a multiplayer attack. Today, the town halls of most agricultural bases are outdoors. When the Town Hall is destroyed, the player receives XP equal to the Town Hall level. For example, if a hacker destroys Town Hall 10, he gets 10 XP. One can destroy base goblins repeatedly in a single-player game, but the XP is relatively low.

Constructing and Upgrading Buildings

Most of the experience is gained through building collisions. After the building construction is complete and your building upgrade is complete, you are awarded some COC experience points. The time it takes to construct the building is related to experience points. I’ll show you how XP is calculated for buildings. You have to convert the building’s construction time in seconds and take the square root and put a circular value.

For example,

it takes 15 minutes to upgrade an arrowhead to level 3

  • Convert 15 minutes to seconds, that is, 15 * 60 = 900 seconds,
  • Take the square root of 900 seconds, and you will get 30,
  • The experience points to earn are 30.

Clearing Obstacles Helps To Gain XP in Clash of Clans

Clearing obstacles helps you get free gems in Clash of Clans, as well as some experience points (XP). In this case, similar to building upgrades, time is directly related to experience points. For example, for 10 seconds you get 3.15 seconds, you get 5, 20 seconds, you get 4, so it keeps increasing all the time.

Clash of Clans New Tricks to Level Up Fast

EXTRA BOOST: Joining a group that can fight each other for the best rewards on stage is very beneficial. It is difficult to convince your entire group to enter a family war, especially if your clan is full of casual players.

If you are able to join a tribe in Clash of Clans where players attack each other for better loot and to level up then it is helpful for the whole tribe to level up easily.