Likes and dislikes about GTA Trilogy Remastered

Rockstars recently came up with the decision to release the original Grand Theft Auto trilogy in 3D. When you deep dive and take a look at this re-release, you will be able to discover numerous impressive features. Let’s deep dive and take a look at the things we like and dislike about the new GTA trilogy. 

  • Like –Better controls 

One of the most significant obstacles to current players enjoying some of the finest games from the turn of the century is poor controls. While the original 3D GTA trilogy isn’t as horrible as the early Resident Evil and Tomb Raider games in this sense, the games still have terrible controls by today’s standards. As a result, people who have been spoilt by better control methods will find them very difficult to enter.

  • Dislike – Outdated designs and style

Nobody expected Grove Street Games to make too many radical modifications since they were entrusted with remastering the trilogy rather than recreating it. However, it’s pretty common for developers to incorporate quality of life enhancements when updating older games, and the definitive edition trilogy, unfortunately, lacks them. The fact that cars are still so simple to tip over and explode in GTA 3 is just one example, but there are dozens more across the three games. 

  • Like – The picturesque scenery 

CJ is seen riding a speedboat along a river in the remastered San Andreas from the GTA Trilogy. It’s no secret that the original games’ popularity was due to their gameplay rather than their looks, but that doesn’t mean they were ugly games for their time. It’s fair to say that time hasn’t been kind to the original trilogy’s blocky visuals, which now seem horrifying even when compared to certain recent indie and mobile games. Thankfully, the definitive edition trilogy significantly enhances the aesthetic of the surroundings, notably in the last two games.

  • Dislike – Awful character models

When the trailer for the games originally came out, one of the greatest talking points was the relatively significant modifications made to the character models in the definitive edition trilogy. Some may argue that the more cartoony visual style complements the low-resolution textures from the original games, but the majority of people seem to think that the modifications to Claude, Tommy, and C.J. were for the worse.

  • Like – The nostalgic feelings 

The storylines in PS2-era Rockstar games were typically subpar when contrasted to those found in Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. This could be said about the original trilogy as well, but it didn’t stop gamers from falling in love with the trilogy’s three now-iconic titles. This was due in large part to the amount of care and attention that went into their creation, from the beautifully picked music to the excellent effort that went into making the places in which the games are located seem like live, breathing worlds. You have a chance to visit Cartel mansion from GTA3 again, enjoy beautiful sunsets on the beaches of Vice City again, and win jackpot playing the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas again

  • Dislike – Tons of bugs

When a publisher creates a “definitive” version of a video game, it’s expected that it’ll be superior in almost every regard than the original. Most people would agree that Rockstar and Grove Street Games nailed the controls, and there’s also a case to be made that the remastered versions look better than the originals, though it’s a bit less cut and dry. Unfortunately, it’s tough to defend the way the games perform at launch, since there are several technical faults with the trilogy’s first release. 

Now you have a better understanding of the GTA trilogy. While keeping this in mind, you can go ahead and play the game.