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LoL Tips: Simple Tricks to Improve Your Game

Becoming the Best of the Best: League of Legends is perhaps the most popular game in the world right now, in no small part owing to its vaunted position as the eSport game. Now it’s not alone, and as a MOBA, there are certainly other, similar options out there. However, LoL is exceptionally popular, and if you play well enough, you could even make a very lucrative career.

Now granted, most people don’t play games to pay the bills. However, some do and are able to excel. Maybe that’s you, maybe it isn’t. But regardless of your end-game, if you want to be better at LoL, there are some things you want to do. Following we’ll briefly explore five tips to help you improve your LoL game.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

This should go without saying, but: practice makes perfect. The best hacker in the world with the best swatches of code used to provide real advantage is no match for a champion who plays the game with learned skills. You’ve got to be careful with practice, though. With video games, you can overdo it. Some people have played so long they passed on.

You don’t want to practice that hard. What makes more sense is setting up a sort of schedule for yourself, and focusing on aspects of the game where you’re not as strong as you should be. If you’ve got a weakness, focus on that until it becomes your strength.

2. Play Opponents Who are Stronger

The stronger the opponent, the harder they will be to play, and the more likely you are to lose. However, each time you play stronger opponents, you yourself become a little bit stronger.

If your opponents are always inferior to you, you’ll never grow. It’s very important to play those who are legitimately better than you. Also, you’ll incidentally beat them every now and again.

3. Know Which Champions Are The Best

Another thing you’ll want to do is carefully examine all the champions you have the opportunity to play with. Don’t merely go with the one you “like”, go with the champion who has a clear statistical advantage.

You can follow this link for some of the latest LoL stats to give you an idea of who is who in the gaming zoo. You’ll find stats, builds, and win predictions.

As LoL becomes more popular, new ways of playing and new trends will naturally develop. Just think of the trajectory WoW took from its inception to today. The nature of such games is to change. The core of the game will remain the same, but small things shift. You want to know what they are and play close attention. This will give you an edge.

Being as Strong as You Can Be in LoL

Don’t forget why you started playing in the first place: the fun of the game. Also, keep up to date on varying LoL trends, know which champions are bestowing to associated stats, play stronger opponents, and keep practising. Between these five strategies, you should be able to become a top-tier player.