Players Are Excited to Farm Lost Ark Gold in New Legion Raid

Lost Ark Gets Lots of New Content for May, Including A New Legion Raid

Lost Ark’s May update is on the horizon, and there’s a lot to unpack. Now that Smilegate has revealed the full details for the major update coming this May, players have a lot to look forward to. Amazon Game Studios are reaping the rewards from their gamble of taking up the responsibility of publishing Lost Ark. The MMO was just recently released in the West but has already been a popular game on the eastern shores for the past three years. Thanks to the upcoming May update, more features that were enjoyed by South Korean fans will now arrive on the western version of the game. Let’s discuss the new features and content that players can expect besides more ways to farm Lost Ark currency.

Lost Ark’s First Legion Raid: Valtan

Valtan is the first Legion raid that will arrive in the West. Those who aren’t familiar with the concept of Legion raids are essentially challenging team-based activities that require teamwork to execute and understand the strategy needed to counter/fend off each Legion Commander’s unique abilities, mechanics, and characteristics. Since this is a raid, expect to get tons of Lost Ark gold for your efforts.

Valtan is an eight-man Legion raid and has two checkpoints/gates that’ll save a player’s progress if they leave early or fail. Since each new Legion raid introduces a new mechanic, Valtan is no different. Since it’s the first Legion raid in the global version of Lost Ark, it will introduce many fresh mechanics.

Players are recommended to bring an Item Level 1415 character to attempt the upcoming Legion raid in normal difficulty and Item Level 1445 for hard difficulty. The Valtan Legion raid will also introduce a new rarity called “Relic” gear. Relic gear provides more impactful weapon and armor bonuses, alongside more engraving nodes on accessories and bigger stat bonuses. It can be crafted from materials that players earn in the raid.

This is arguably the content that many Lost Ark players are looking for. Not only does it bring a new tier of Lost Ark gear (the Relic), but it’ll also be a new primary source of Lost Ark gold. There are two types of difficulties accessible for Valtan’s release, and while the rewards don’t differ too much, you get greater rewards in the hard difficulty.

Another Guardian Raid: Deskaluda

A brand new Guardian Raid called Deskaluda would become available once the May update is released. Like the Valtan Legion raid, players are advised to bring an Item Level 1415 character before challenging the Deskaluda Guardian Raid. However, players can take on Guardian Raids alone, unlike the Legion raids. Best of all, Deskaluda will also give players Relic-tier rarity accessories. If you’re having trouble dealing with Deskaluda alone, you can attempt to do the Guardian Raid with a party or matchmake with up to three other heroes.

If you’re one of those players who are bored fighting Velganos, the Deskadula Guardian Raid offers a nice break. While it does have a higher Item Level requirement, Deskadula has easier-to-follow mechanics, making it easier to farm those coveted Greater Honor Leapstones that players have been hoarding.

It’s Bonkin’ Time: The Destroyer Arrives

We know about the Warriors’ explosive impact on the battlefield and how widespread the class is in Lost Ark – well, nothing embodies this better than the hammer-wielding Destroyer. Armed with a slew of skills centered around charging into the heat of the battle, the Destroyer’s attacks are so catastrophic they can crush just about anything that stands in their way. They can destroy their enemies by bending gravity to their will. They can also deal massive stagger damage, making them valuable members of any party. The Destroyer is set to join the Paladin, Gunlancer, and Berserker as the fourth Advanced Class for the Warrior once the May update arrives.

The Destroyer is a front-based attacker, meaning that most of its skills possess the frontal attack property. It’ll be the second Warrior class to have a Taunt ability since it’s confirmed to be releasing its post-rework version. As a result, the Destroyer is set to become a class capable of outputting massive damage numbers and boasting the highest Stagger potential in all of Lost Ark.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot more stuff to look forward to in Lost Ark’s update this May, but these are the ones that truly caught our eye. So far, we only know that all of this is set to release this month. The exact date is yet to be divulged by Smilegate, but if the developers follow the same path as they did in April, we can expect all of the content to arrive near the end of the month. Are you excited to farm some Lost Ark currency while doing the new Legion raid? Let us know!