Lost Ark: Where To Find All Anikka Vista Locations?

In Lost Ark, an ARPG with such a distinct personality, combat is an indispensable and important part. But I recommend players try not to focus entirely on the frenzied combat, which may keep your spirits in a constant state of mind, and occasional relaxation is necessary. Because there are many more parts of Lost Ark that are worth your time to explore.

Especially in the various vista locations on every continent that can give your Adventurer’s Tome significant progress, as well as frequent stunning cinematic moments. Maybe you will collect more rare weapons/armor/cosmetics and Lost Ark Gold/Silver/Pirate Coins or others as you explore these vista locations.

As we all know, Anikka is the sixth continent of Lost Ark and arguably one of the most beautiful. 10 vista locations reflected this spread across its region. Most of them are on the path you take to complete the main storyline, and none of them are located inside a dungeon, so are relatively easy to find. So if you’re more interested in what’s next, keep reading.

Rattan Hill Vista Location: Abandoned House

When you reach the cold Haunted House Triport in Rattan Hill, you will see an herbalist standing a little to the east. You have to walk up to her first, then go south. On the other side of the trail, you will find the Abandoned House vista location right next to the dead tree.

Port City Changhun Vista Location: Canal

You need to enter the Port City Changhun area through the Open Seas portal and keep going northwest. Turn left as soon as possible, past Trade Skill Tool Merchant Hengan. As you pass his booth, next to the green flag on the railing, you’ll find the Canal vista.

Prisma Valley Vista Location: Cloud Cliff

You’ll need to head to the Beacon Point Triport in Prisma Valley, then head north from the triport, keeping yourself on the right side of the road, and you’ll quickly reach the Cloud cliff vista location.

Melody Forest Vista Location: Demonic Portal Hole

You need to pass the Ascetic Temple Triport to get to Melody Forest, then carefully climb eastwards along the vines. After that, you can follow the east path all the way to the gate. You’ll see a canon on either side of the path leading to the gate. Next to the cannon on the south side of the path, you’ll find the Demonic Portal Hole vista.

Vista Location: Entrance to Bleak Edge

Finding this vista is easy. It is a short walk from the southwest of the Cloud Valley Triport in Twilight Mists. You just have to follow the path leading to the Bleak Edge dungeon and you’ll walk through it.

Delphi Township Vista Location: Gate

You need to first enter the Delphi Township from the Port City Changhun portal, head northeast to the Market District, then turn northwest at the triport. Go down the stairs after passing the food merchant and repairer. Downstairs, on your right, you will see a pond. The Gate vista is right next to a table to the left of it.

Vista Location: Hill

You need to first enter Twilight Mists from the Melody Forest portal, then follow the trail all the way northwest, just to the left of the trail. Not far from the entrance, you will see Lee Kang standing next to the waterfall and the ‘Hill’ vista location.

Melody Forest Vista Location: Spring Of Echoes

You’ll need to follow the South Road, which is a short walk west of the Spring of Echoes Triport. After you reach the northern edge of the area, work on the top until you see climbing vines. But remember, when you find that the road ahead is getting narrower and narrower, you may have gone too far. Once you’ve climbed up the vines, you’ll find the Spring of Echoes vista point at the top.

Port City Changhun Vista Location: Tournament Arena

Just go straight to the middle of the Port City Changhun area map, marked “Tournament Arena”. The Tournament Arena vista is between the center of the area and the southeast staircase that leads directly to the Open Seas portal.

Rattan Hill Vista Location: Wisteria

From the Port City Changhun portal, you need to head north through Wolf Valley until you can’t go any further. Then you continue east at the T-junction and then north along the cul-de-sac. Finally, you’ll find the Wisteria vista.

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