Mario Golf: Super Rush Update 2.0.0 Patch Notes Details

Update 2.0.0 has arrived for Mario Golf: Super Rush and here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch. Much like Mario Tennis Aces from a few years ago, Mario Golf: Super Rush was criticized by many for feeling a bit naked. Fortunately, they are here. Everything is new here with Mario Golf: Super Rush Update 2.0.0.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Update 2.0.0

  • Adding ranked games
    • We added “Ranked Play” as an online play option.
    • The goal is to improve your global ranking from “C-” to “S +” based on the number of monthly match points you collect from the results of your matches.
    • In ranked games, you are automatically compared to opponents who are as close as possible in distance and rank.
    • If there are few opponents available, you will be matched even if there is a difference in rank, but there is a handicap where higher ranked players are behind you on the tee. If you can beat a higher ranking player, a bonus will be added to your monthly match points.
    • Your monthly match points, rank and global ranking are reset every month, but you can still view your previous records.
    • The game is divided into four categories: “Button Control: Standard Golf”, “Button Control: Speed ​​Golf”, “Motion Control: Standard Golf” and “Motion Control: Speed ​​Golf”.
    • If you reach a rank of “A-” or higher every month, you can use a character with a special appearance as a bonus.
    • If you achieve a rank of “A-” or higher in one of the categories in August 2021, you can now use “Red Yoshi”, “Blue Yoshi” and “Yellow Yoshi” as bonuses.
  • “Toadette” added as a playable character
    • Toadette has been added as a playable character that can be used in games.
    • While she has the highest control value of all characters, she also has the lowest power. It is recommended for those who want to hit the ball exactly where it is supposed to, one shot at a time.
  • New Donk City golf course added
    • “New Donk City” from “Super Mario Odyssey” has been added as a playable golf course.
    • This is a short 18-hole course, all par 3 rated, but it offers the option of unique strategies such as the ball ricocheting off the walls of buildings.
    • There are two levels of difficulty to choose from, “Amateur” and “Pro”, which means that the tees and greens of all 18 holes are completely different.
  • Adapted motion control
    • It’s now easier to generate power while swinging at full swing.
    • Proximity shots targeting the cup position are now less likely to go wide.
    • The angle of the racket is now reflected on the screen when you get into a position to hit the ball.
  • Additions to the “Game Instructions” section
    • Explanations on how to play and tips on movement control have been added to the “Golf Guide”.
  • General changes
    • “Back to character selection” and “Back to course selection” have been added to the options for exiting the pause menu.
    • Character points needed to get the next set of clubs are now shown in the character selection.
    • Course Select now shows the number of holes you need to play before you can play the next course.
    • The number of holes played before the next course can be played is now displayed in the course selection.
      • However, during online play, you may not be able to select it until you return to the main menu, even if you meet the conditions.
    • The default number of players (including COM) has been changed to two when playing with the Stroke Play and Take Turns rules in the Play Golf standard golf menu.
    • The search method for “Find a Room” in the online room menu of “Play Golf” has been adjusted.
    • Even if a network error occurs in another player’s room in online play, the game will now continue after the player has been replaced by a COM player. The room will be resolved when the hosting console has a network error as the hosting console is managing the game settings.
      • In ranked games, if a communication error occurs on the hosting console, it will be replaced by the COM and the game will continue.
    • A warning and a countdown will be displayed 30 seconds before the end of the game.
    • Special shots now penetrate the leaves of trees.
    • When playing with two players in split-screen mode on a single Nintendo Switch console, the screen of the player who scores first no longer follows the other player’s screen.
    • The movement controls have been changed so that the character does not move automatically when the pause menu is open during online play.
    • The objective’s difficulty level has been adjusted to clear XC Golf on Ridgerock Lake.
    • Made changes to game balance and other issues to provide a better gaming experience.

Nintendo doesn’t disappoint with this first major patch since launch, after the game received a patch shortly before launch. This adds a brand new character, Toadette, alongside a new stage based on New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey. For those who like to play online, there are also ranked games here. That being said, there are a few other changes like improved motion controls and more that you can read about above.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. For more information on the game, please visit the official Nintendo support website .