Marvel’s Avengers Game Latest Trailer Dives Into the Game’s Story, Customization, Multiplayer, and More

Marvel’s Avengers Game Latest Trailer Dives Into the Game’s Story

Crystal Dynamics has released a new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers, which gives us new details about the game world along with its multiplayer. In the brief and detailed progress of the Avenges game that was published today on the PlayStation blog, the video summary of the game Cyrstal Dynamics summarizes the details of the story we know so far, while explaining how the online component works. You can watch the video below and, additionally, read the summary we have provided of the details on the PlayStation blog.

Marvel’s Avengers Game Latest Trailer

This is certainly great informative information given by the team, and as for me personally it has aroused my interest even more. Hopefully, this summary will clarify many questions that viewers have had since the first initial revelation.

Marvel’s Avengers will launch on May 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. We’ll make sure to report all the news related to the game as we get closer to the launch and, hopefully, we’ll get some details about the beta version soon.