Minecraft 1.14.4 Download For Windows & MAC

Minecraft 1.14.4 Download For Windows & MAC

Minecraft is a fun sandbox game where you explore lost worlds, kill monsters, and uncover secrets. Download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is the village & pillage update.

Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect themselves against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew, players worked together to create wonderful and imaginative things.

It can also be adventures with friends or watching the sunrise over a blocky ocean. It’s nice. Brave players fight terrible things in The Nether, which is scarier than pretty. You can also visit a mushroom land if it sounds more like your cup of tea.

What’s New:

Today we’re releasing 1.14.3, a release that tweaks some gameplay features and addresses bugs found in 1.14.2. We also plan on releasing 1.14.4 to address further issues, but for now, please enjoy the new update

Minecraft 1.14.4 Download
Minecraft 1.14.4 Download

Changes in 1.14.3

  • Items can now be repaired by crafting them together again
  • Reverted the enchanting system to how it was before 1.14
  • Torches, lanterns, and pressure plates can now be placed on glass panes and iron bars
  • Lanterns can now be attached below iron bars and glass panes
  • Saturation is no longer required for the “How did we get here?” advancement
  • You can now turn off raids with ‘/gamerule disableRaids true’

Fixed bugs

  • MC-47699 – Blazes are able to see a player through blocks
  • MC-72390 – Rcon is not thread-safe
  • MC-74407 – Villager inventories can get into a state where villagers cannot do anything useful
  • MC-93892 – Fire/Flame arrows and fireballs set player on fire even when blocking with shield
  • MC-110004 – Enderman/Blade don’t drop experience when hit with splash/lingering potion
  • MC-123836 – Double blocks aren’t loaded in structures
  • MC-124170 – Performance issue with particles causing lag
  • MC-129491 – Advancement location trigger works inconsistently for structures added in 1.9 or later
  • MC-138053 – Gamerule spectatorsGenerateChunks being false prevents chunks from being loaded
  • MC-139257 – Server crash on reload when worldborder is modified.
  • MC-141301 – Illager patrols spawning on blocks mobs shouldn’t spawn on, such as slabs, carpets, stairs, etc.
  • MC-142360 – Pillagers patrols can spawn pillagers on top of trees inside a leaf block
  • MC-143369 – Wandering trader text implies trades refresh
  • MC-144107 – Miscalculation of camera position in windowed mode on Linux
  • MC-144507 – The legs on cats clip through to the top of the model
  • MC-144929 – When there is water above a water source, other water sources adjacent to the water source flow outwards
  • MC-145863 – Villagers breed even if there are not enough beds
  • MC-146433 – Double Chest does not display custom name
  • MC-146835 – Illager captain spawned from raids will still give the bad omen effect to its killer, causing raids to never end
  • MC-147619 – Foxes that trust a player will still avoid wolves and other players they’re angry towards instead pursuing them
  • MC-147851 – Villagers frequently run right into mobs they’re “trying” to avoid
  • MC-148600 – Zombie pigmen will spread their anger forever if they can continously respawn
  • MC-148610 – Hostile mobs spawning on top Trapdoors, Glowstone and Sea Lanterns
  • MC-148986 – Low-tier enchants from lv.30 standard enchanting setups
  • MC-149372 – Game crashes when opening a 1.13.2 world
  • MC-149443 – Iron golems spawn too often
  • MC-149518 – Skylight appearing under blocks
  • MC-149877 – Baby foxes suffocate when jumping under blocks
  • MC-150319 – I can’t load up my minecraft world after doing /kill
  • MC-150401 – Chickens suffocate if jumping while under a solid block
  • MC-150954 – Pillager Patrol spawn is way off. Spawning too close to each other, in odd biomes, and too frequent.
  • MC-151079 – An employed villager quickly becomes unemployed and employed when he works, even if his workstation has not been deleted.
  • MC-151084 – Chunk rendering is slow and random in 1.14.1 (pre 1)
  • MC-151144 – Hostile mobs in lazy chunks no longer count towards mob cap, breaking mob switches
  • MC-151185 – Game crash after breaking villager point of interest
  • MC-151337 – Mob spawn rate too high
  • MC-151346 – Crash while F3 menu tries to access tags while /reload-ing
  • MC-151395 – Farmers create Bread ONLY when they pick up at least 3 wheat AT ONCE
  • MC-151566 – Pillagers patrols can spawn outside world border
  • MC-151710 – Enties not functioning in forceloaded chunks
  • MC-151753 – More than one raid can happen in a village
  • MC-151771 – Villagers don’t try to run away from zombie villagers
  • MC-151772 – Mob cap in the hundreds to over 1000 per player.
  • MC-151802 – Spawning causes massive TPS CPU load on a flat world.
  • MC-151989 – Players in Survival do not get Dolphins Grace effect if Dolphin cannot path to Player
  • MC-151995 – Patrol Leaders spawning without banner
  • MC-152044 – Baby trader llamas disappear immediately
  • MC-152053 – High client-side lag when pistons activate
  • MC-152228 – Can not /summon trader llama
  • MC-152542 – Resource Warning “Codepoint ‘1ed0’ declared multiple times in minecraft:textures/font/accented.png”
  • MC-152638 – Villager trade GUI does not close when a major change happens to the Villager, leading to free trades and quick stock refreshing
  • MC-152810 – Cat’s natural spawning causes Null Pointer Exception
  • MC-153221 – dragon fireball causes FPS to crash
  • MC-153222 – Broken/Incorrect recipe files cause a data pack not to load with nothing in log
  • MC-153470 – Language map does not close internal ‘en_us.json’ file after reading
  • MC-154000 – When dispenser places shulkerbox it decreases its stack twice.
  • MC-154080 – Wandering Trader trade GUI does not close when the Wandering Trader changes dimensions allowing you to trade infinitely
  • MC-154081 – Opening survival inventory when opening world crashes game
  • MC-154092 – Zombie Pigmen lose aggro even when they’re in range and have a line of sight
  • MC-154239 – NPE server crash when painting entities spawned with mob spawn eggs are saved
  • MC-154328 – The Village Siege (Zombie Siege) never