Modern Warfare tips: 7 essential tips to know before you play

If you love Call of Duty games, you must be eager to play Modern Warfare as it is part of the instalments from COD developers. But before you join the plethora of video gamers who fights the battles every day, there are certain things to do. First, you must understand the game mechanics and also equip yourself with proven Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hacks for amazing results. 

After that, implement the tips we have down below to improve your performance. Modern Warfare has emerged in many seasons, and with these tips, you can dominate in the chaotic firefights aimed at killing all the enemies around. Thankfully, there are deadly weapons and bombs at your disposal to deal more damages. 

So, if you’re already fired up, let’s equip you further. 

7 Tips for all Modern Warfare Seasons  

  1. Choose the appropriate level

Whether we accept it or not, some people are tough cookies for first-person shooter games. But then, there are still others who’re struggling to increase their KD even to 1:00. So, when starting out on Modern Warfare, please consider your level as a player before choosing the DL to play. 

There are nine difficulty levels in Modern Warfare, including Recruit, Regular, Hardened, Veteran, and Realistic, Specialist, #YOLO, Realism, and others.  From experience, the hardest is #YOLO while the easiest is Recruit. 

For beginners in first-person shooters, don’t start with a level you can’t handle. Instead, start with the easiest, die less and master the game more. But if you’re a veteran player and understand this genre very well, by all means, jump right into the hardest if you want. 

  1. Always protect your location.

Valorant is filled with hardcore firefights with terrifying weapons such as guns and bombs. So it is usually expected that players might die too many times. So, don’t make it easy for others to find you. Make sure you protect your location at all times. Since one of the actions that compromise that is sprinting, try to walk more than your run. 

Moreover, utilize cover to your advantage. Use cover to shorten your exposure instead of running across an open space, thereby compromising your character. Also, if you must shoot from a cover, always switch to another one immediately to confuse the enemies. 

  1. Choice of weapon matter

The weapons you take into the war will either protect you or weaken you. That’s why you must study the available weapons in Modern Warfare before playing. Thankfully, many of them, including Assault rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Rocket Launchers, Marksman Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, etc. 

All these weapons are unique and suit all kinds of play styles. Take your time to study their spray patterns and recoil systems. With such knowledge, you can pick the best ones for you and fight with confidence. The best way to start using many of them is to customize your loadout properly before playing. Then loot strategic location on the map and gather as many as you can. 

  1. Master the game through Campaign 

Campaign is not as die-hard challenging as Multiplayer. Instead, the mode is simpler, and players won’t have to face too many deadly enemies. So, before you enter the terrifying battles, try playing this mode for some time to hone your skills. Some of the aspects to master include how to use cover and how to move carefully. Also, make sure to understand the dangers and relevance of Covers in Modern Warfare. With everything, you will learn, playing other tougher modes won’t be too difficult. 

  1. Doors in Modern Warfare are useful.

Another thing to know before playing Modern Warfare is that there are so many things to do with doors. For example, you can shoot through doors or even utilize them as cover while aiming. Another thing is to listen when doors open to identify your enemy’s position.  

So whenever you come across one given the interior environments available in the game, you need to utilize them tactically. But don’t forget that kicking doors also reveals your position. So, be very careful. 

  1. Avoid Sprinting Often 

Noise in Modern Warfare is deadly. All your opponents are out to get you, and exposing yourself will attract them fast. One of the actions to avoid if you can is sprinting. However, this style of movement is so noisy that you won’t avoid the attacks. So, don’t sprint all the time and if you can, get “Dead Silence,” a perk that minimizes your noise. With such a weapon, you can sprint when necessary. 

  1. Be careful with Attachments. 

Adding attachments to your weapon can transform it into a killing machine. That’s why pro gamers take time to get the best. But also remember that useless or unsuitable ones can create a chaotic weapon that will disappoint you. So, before choosing them, take time to study each one to identify its pros and cons. That way, you will make the right choices. 


Modern Warfare offers both the Campaign Experience and Multiplayer challenges. If you’re already a pro in first-person shooter games, this one will be easy to understand. However, even if you’re a beginner in this genre, our tips above will help you fast too.