NBA 2K23: What Are Exciting Changes?

NBA 2K23: What Are Exciting Changes?

NBA 2K series is still giving us the best content. There would be some dissatisfaction with players in the game, and there is still a long way to go to grow into a “perfect NBA 2K”, but some of its shining points on the court still make us so excited.

Before NBA 2K23 releases on September 9, 2022, let’s see if Visual Concepts can continue to innovate on the court with these existing strengths and find ways to better integrate the WNBA into its format. That will be fun. As always, reducing VC interference is necessary. Visual Concepts use the word “realism” to sum up this year’s changes, which seem to use high realism for the small amount of interaction between players and how the ball is handled. We can expect these changes below to further improve familiarity with NBA 2K23.

Newbie friendly

Since the gameplay and content in NBA 2K are becoming richer every year, it is difficult for those rookie gamers to get a good experience. To further facilitate beginners to get started, NBA 2K23’s beginner difficulty level will be much lower than before. Simply put, newbies will make more shots in the game, and in the process of getting familiar with them, they have already adapted to the deep game system. At this time, if they can buy NBA 2K23 MT to get some strong players, then their performance in the game will be more exciting.

Action fancy

If you want to make your offense a little more fancy, the Pro Stick’s moves that allow you to perform double throws and switchbacks will please you.

People who want to do two throws just need to flick the stick in one direction, bring it back to center, and then quickly flick in the same direction.

People who want to make two throws just need to flick in one direction, let it stand still, and flick in the other direction. Your player will make an action, instead of continuing to perform it, and then proceed to the second input.

Free choice of slam dunk

The metered dunk is back, and you can now use the Pro Stick to determine which dunk to perform by flicking in one direction.

*If you flick, you will perform a two-handed dunk.

*If you flick down and up, you will perform a gorgeous one-handed dunk.

*You can also hold the club for a rim dunk, which means your players will stick around.

*If you press the right stick up, your player will pull up on the rim to show power.

*If you stay in the three-second zone for too long, you get a technical foul.

Few players right now can take the entire rebound like Shaquille O’Neal. Visual Concepts says the rim-hanging technology has been in development for several years and is suitable for a new generation of game versions.

Precise timing of Shooting

This is how Visual Concepts watched the outside game in NBA 2K23. Each jump shot type provides different stats that determine shooting speed, release height, defensive immunity (effectiveness against defensive play), and timing effects. The latter changes the shooting window based on the timing of the player’s shot (good or bad).

Visual Concepts made the animation of NBA 2K23 more delicate and switched faster, and injected more variety into the offensive game. Players can choose five different shot gauges, and you can determine if they are above/side/or below the player’s head.

More interestingly, you can unlock another 15 meters of shooting distance through Season Game. NBA 2K23 Shot feedback is different this year, which will create more drama. It should keep players near the rim until the end of the game, rather than retreating to a defensive position once they know the ball is out.

Finish offense fast with Adrenaline

There will always be some players who must keep dribbling the ball to find opportunities to attack because of the opponent’s strong defense, but they will always ignore 24 seconds. A new epinephrine meter should stop this from happening. Each player has three adrenaline boosts under the stamina meter. The intensity of the player’s exercise is proportional to the speed at which the adrenaline is consumed. If the adrenaline wears off, there’s a good chance the defense will get the best out of it, which should encourage passing and shooting.

Smarter AI

Visual Concepts said that the artificial intelligence in NBA 2K23 will become more inclined to human operation, which will bring more pressure and challenges to players both in offense and defense. But from the player’s point of view, this is a very positive change.

Badges with more authenticity

The badges of created players are available again. During last year’s game, Visual Concepts noticed players were getting a little too powerful by stacking the same badge. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, badges are now split into layers.

There are eight badges on the first tier, four on the second, and four on the third. Tier 1 badges have the least impact (but are still useful). The cost of using other layers increases. As Visual Concepts says, you have to use the badges of the different layers in order. Hopefully, this system brings more variety to badge loading and pushes players to be more strategic. As for the Team Takeover ability, the entire team didn’t immediately catch fire during this year’s game. This is another way NBA 2K23 strives to show the authenticity of the sport.

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